Capitals are offering for sale Charlie Sheen Insipred Winning T-Shirts at Kettler

UPDATE: Well, it looks like you guys listened. After the D.C. Sports Bog and Puck Daddy picked up on our story, these went flying off the shelves and sold-out in less than two hours! The Capitals are now accepting pre-orders for the next shipment.

We here at RMNB take Violent Torpedos of Truth seriously. So when I found out about this #Winning Charlie Sheen inspired t-shirt that would go on sale today at 10am at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, I just had to share it. For just $17.99 you can become a warlock too. If you’re interested make sure to get them fast as this is a limited run.

Special thanks to @Katerstheace on Twitter for making this public and Tim Burt, Retail Operations Manager at KCI for creating them.

  • Gracie

    Genius. Are they only available at Kettler?

  • katerstheace

    If you’re out of the area, you can call 571.224.0595–the team store ships nationwide. Thanks for the post Chris!

  • katerstheace

    Or, I suppose as a true warlock, you could always send your goddesses to come pick one up for you rather than opting for shipping.

  • All I need is this t-shirt and an endless supply of tiger blood and I will be set for the playoffs!

  • Jill

    Wow. Fail.

  • Caps STH

    Agree with Jill: FAIL. Let’s recap … so far this week, Ovi tweeted a picture of himself with dog killer Michael Vick and now this. Sheen has a long history of violence toward women. Is Leonsis paying any attention?

  • Scott in Shaw

    Any idea if they’ll show up at the Verizon Center team store?

  • Rick

    Does the back of the shirt say: “Except Game 7’s” ?

  • DC101 has posted this photo too!

  • Am I the only Caps fan who wants nothing to do with Charlie Sheen’s madness?

  • arakakij

    @IRockTheRed: I’m with you. I don’t even want to touch this thing… just sayin’.

  • BobbyG

    Sorry, but IMO this is a terrible idea. Connecting the Caps to a real life LOSER like Charlie Sheen is awful. Anything and everything about Sheen and his antics makes me want to jump in the shower to wash away the stench and smell. I’m very disappointed the Caps chose this anti-role model to show off on team merchandise. I have no desire to be a warlock in Sheen’s degenerate army. Case closed.

  • Mike roy


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  • Real quick, Why should exploiting people’s foolish love for pop-culture stop you from making money? #GOODBUSINESSDECISION, GET IT

    Stop hating, who cares who/what/when/where/why Charlie Sheen or what the well-timed T-shirt may or may not be refrencing. Look past that sh*t and realize the caps are making baaank off of this and be happy for them, unless your a Pen’s fan.

    And Michael Vick apologized, and the did REALLY REALLY well his season back, so don’t be mad just because your team didn’t have the foresight to nab him up. non nom nom

    Go caps, boo ha-ha-haters.

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