“Hello Kitty,” Meet “Hello Neuvy”

Hello Neuvy

As RMNB’s resident artist, I love seeing artwork by fellow Caps fans. When reader Patti del Pielago sent us these illustrations of her creation “Hello Neuvy,” I fell in love with them immediately.

After several jokes emerged between Patti and her boyfriend about how “precious” Michal Neuvirth is, the two created this cuddly feline version of the Capitals netminder.


“Hello Neuvy” is not only precious, he’s just too darn cute! With the trademark look on his face, the goatee on his chin, plus his signature gear and Caps red, this cool cat bears a striking resemblance to Neuvirth himself. With the drawing style and bright colors looking like he popped right out of a cartoon, “Hello Neuvy” is all-around a wonderful illustration of one of the Caps’ rising young stars. Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll see “Hello Neuvy” joined by some of his best pals.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Patti. “Hello Neuvy” is a fantastic and creative contribution to the Caps community. Since the world desperately needs another Caps-themed t-shirt, check out her “Hello Neuvy” shop, and leave a little love in the comments below.

  • Avtopilot

    On AO blog it’s written, that Varly considers moving to KHL next year.

    I’d say, It will be a good move to play him in PO and in case of a long run sell him high.

  • Livia

    It really does resemble Neuvy! If I had seen the kitty’s face alone, I would have asked, “Michal, is that you?” Beautifully done, Patti, and great for a laugh!

  • CW

    OMG, so funny! Now all you need to do is make a shop for “Holt-BEAST” #70 stuff 😉 Pretty pretty please!!!!!

  • CDizz

    I’ve always wondered if he intentionally keeps that look plastered on his face…

  • Official merch for Team Neuvy. Love, love, love it.

  • CapsFan

    I’d order this stuff fast. This looks like copyright infringement to me. Don’t mistake my meaning – I think this stuff is great. I wish this designer worked for the Caps. She/he has much better taste than the goon who came up with the “Winning” shirt.

    Re Neuvy’s facial expression: I attended his panel (winning the Calder Cup) at the last Caps Convention. He had an absolute deadpan expression on his face as he said,”Yeah, it was probably a bad idea to have beer in glass bottles in the locker room after the [winning Calder Cup] game. There was glass everywhere.” Maybe you had to be there but he was very droll.

  • Sarah

    This is hilarious and fantastic. It looks exactly like him.

  • Catherine

    OMG…I love these! Where can we buy them????

  • Cami

    This is an explosion of cuteness! Too awesome!

  • Patti

    Unfortunately, Cafe Press did flag our shop down so it looks like Hello Neuvy merchandise will no longer be available. Boooooooooo. We’re donating the money we did make off of Hello Neuvy to the American Red Cross to benefit Japanese relief, so it’s all going to a good cause at least 🙂

  • DannyC

    If anyone wants to grab the logos and use them for their own purposes, here’s where you can get ’em!


  • CapsFan

    Patti: Crap! Oh well, my mug has been shipped. Some day my heirs will sell it for a boatload of cash … or give it to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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