Update: RMNB’s Chris Gordon, who was at Kettler today, will have a full story on this later.

During a lightly attended optional practice today, the Washington Capitals allowed William, a young boy from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, take the ice with some of his favorite childhood heroes. Above, watch as the talented youngster is given a chance to score on a breakaway against Semyon Varlamov. This may very well be the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

S/T to @itallfallsdwn for the video and @rinkrebel for tweeting it out.

  • scott

    I hope varly didn’t hurt his groin

  • Jon

    Scott wins.

  • Noah

    It’s time to trade this joker, especially if he’s giving up cheap goals like that.

  • JW90

    Varly is such a beast

  • Scott in Shaw


  • JW90

    He’s our best goalie

  • Noah

    Correction. Varlamov is our most injury prone goalie, I could see how you mistake him for our best though. He’s actually the worst.

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  • JW90

    There is a reason hes a 1st round pick and the others aren’t…

  • toxxic_goddess

    VARLAMOV is the BEST goalie we have ….. With NEUVIRTH veryclose behind him ..

  • JW90


    so true. plus he has playoff experience. you gotta play him out the rest of this season and then run him in the playoffs

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