• Fedor Fedin


  • LawMad

    Love It!

  • BobbyG

    OVIE!!! Love the Ovechdance, for William and all Caps fans! Awesome!

  • Natasha

    Love my Caps! Love Ovi! Love the dance!

  • Natasha

    BTW, so happy for William to see that, too.

  • toxxic_goddess

    LOve Ovie and MY CAPITALS!!

  • Darla

    Need to make a note on my own disc of this game!

  • JW90

    They announced that William was on the zamboni as he came around, and he got a heartwarming ovation. It seems everyone read that RMNB article!

    This really is a wonderful organisation. From fans, to players, to management, everyone is great. Stories like these make me proud to be a capz fan………

  • abrlcklnthewall

    Steinberg suggested the Ovie hop over on the bog, I believe that is a winning name.

  • Someone totally needs to make a .gif of this.

    Ovechdance= BEST DANCE.

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  • Never change Ovi!!!

  • deep.friar

    Love it, but still no John Wall.

  • Caps STH

    This was a great ending to a miserable experience. The STH next to me sold his tickets to Sabres fans and the female was a screaming banshee from the puck drop. There were WAY too many Sabres fans there last night and a more douchey bunch of loudmouths couldn’t be found. SO glad rthey went home disappointed.Shame on the people who sold them their tickets.

  • Mary K

    Remember that song from the Ren & Stimpy cartoon, Happy Hapypy, Joy Joy? I think that would be good background music for the dance.

    And the dance seems to further solidify that old Ovi is rest. I guess some R&R does a Russian good.

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