Before practice today, Capitals left wing Brooks Laich conducted a 16 minute phone interview with DC101’s Elliot in the Morning show. Among the topics Elliot and Brooks discussed include Laich’s lack of a preference on which team the Capitals play in the first round of the playoffs, Dennis Wideman’s injury and what he heard on the bench when it happened, and an insightful look into the leadership Jason Arnott brings to the team. The money quote: “He’s really united the whole group.”

  • Jim

    Ha. This brought me back. Just moved to Europe a month ago, feels like I’m driving around the beltway again. 🙂

  • WB

    I didn’t really like Elliot until I found out he is a Caps fan. Sounds good about Green!

  • Debbie

    I love the quote, “A guy’s head could be off, but it’s still an upper body injury,” mainly because it’s so true!!!