Alex Ovechkin snags a photo with Lil' Wayne

From left to right: Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Ovechkin, D.J. King, Lil’ Wayne, Marcus Johansson, Mike Green, Drake and John Carlson

First it was Pauly D. Then it was Michael Vick. This past Friday, it was First Lady Michelle Obama. And tonight, Alex Ovechkin posted a photo of him and what seems like half of the team posing with Lil’ Wayne and Drake.

So naturally the question is:

  • Ian

    And for those of you who would like to photoshop Ovechkin in with any of these people, feel free to post a link to your creation in the comments below and we’ll add it!

  • Mary K

    I hope Ovi told the FLOTUS that we would like her and her husband to attend a game!

  • Man, what IS it with cellphone cameras and Ovi’s eyes? All he needs is fangs and he’d make a great vampire, LOL!

    *Tempting Photoshop Project…*

    (Before anyone slams me for not knowing, yes, I *do* know what causes red-eye, and yes, I *do* know what prevents it, and no, I’m *not* going to go into the technical explanation of how it’s the blood on the back of the retina and the flash being close to the lens is what causes it to appear that way in photos, and yadda-yadda…)

  • donuts

    I really am beyond words. This is both awesome and facepalm-inducing.

    Poor Kinger, forever doomed to look like he’s photo-bombing.

  • Salvatore_Gigatronik

    Backstroms Jacket is horrible lol

  • Steph

    Um, is that a twilight shirt that Nicky is wearing?!

  • CDizz

    Backstrom shouldn’t be allowed to dress himself.

  • Gotta have his bowl, gotta have his cereal.

  • Manda

    I swear that is a Team Edward t-shirt, too!

  • Alli

    Wait! Where’s Choice #13– Capt. Morgan !!!!?!?!?!
    if I had time I would slap a moustache on a pic of OV with one leg up… ahh the possibilities!

  • Chris Gordon

    Sheen is coming to DC on the 19th. Just sayin’.

  • AshleyDC

    Mojo looks like a cardboard cutout of himself.

  • Sean Meckel

    Quoting from a line in a movie,
    “A man walks down the street in that jacket, people know he’s not afraid of anything”

  • Vapor

    Is it just me or does Lil’ Wayne look like the alien from the 1980 Twilight Zone movie in the alien on the wing story? Click the link if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Aramis

    Based on the clothing Nicky is wearing he is either
    1. Single
    2. He has a girlfriend who really doesn’t love him enough to stop him from going out in that attire… 😛

  • Nicklas Backstrom: token Swede.

  • Aramis

    @ Mcawful
    Swedish guys normally dress close to flawless!
    Me before getting on plane before heading home to Sweden: I look good!
    Me hopping off plane in Sweden: What was I thinking? Why is everybody staring at my clothes?! I feel so out of place!!! 😛

  • Aramis, no offense intended. You know I love me some Swedes. Maybe I should’ve said, Nicklas Backstrom: least likely to be carrying a knife.

  • Aramis

    @ Mcawful LoL! It really is a horrid jacket but you are right!
    He looks innocent enough to be let off the hook for this time! 😛