Rachel Cohen’s Ovechdance Illustration

Rachel Cohen's Ovechdance Illustration

The Ovechdance Sketch

Inspired by Alex Ovechkin’s exuberant celebration after his OTGWG against Buffalo, resident RMNB artist Rachel Cohen decided to do us all a huge favor and capture Ovi’s nifty dance moves in her latest illustration above. Cohen, a sophomore illustration major at the University of Hartford, initially sketched the idea out by hand. Once completed, she then scanned it directly into Photoshop and then coloured it in using the vector pen tool. Eight hours and a bottle of theraflu later (the changing of the seasons have been getting to her), she was done! Pretty incredible work if you ask me. Make sure to view the rest of her online portfolio here and leave her your thoughts on The Ovechdance in the comments below. Great job, Rachel!

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

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  • kat

    t-shirts. stat.

  • Salvatore_Gigatronik

    Ovechdance T shirt please!

  • deann

    LOVE THIS! Great job Rachel!

  • Marc

    What kat said. Where can I buy that!!

  • Peter


  • Dave

    Ovechdance > Ovechtrick…Shirts Please!!

  • BobbyG

    Rachel, this is another awesome creation. Thanks for sharing it here.

    I agree with other posters, tee-shirts please! This is so much better and uplifting to represent the Caps spirit and intensity than the (ugh) Charlie Sheen “inspired” WINNING one. I want to do the Ovechdance :), NOT become a Sheen warlock drinking tiger blood :(.

  • missin44

    Shirts, posters and stickers ASAP!

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