RMNB in the Latest Issue of ESPN The Magazine

RMNB in ESPN The Magazine

First, it was Remy. Now, there’s a RMNB T-Shirt cameo on page 27 of the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, which features Jake Locker on the cover. We are very humbled and extremely honored to have been included! For those of you who are interested in owning one of these delightful T’s, The Mag will be giving a few of them away on Monday. Just make sure to follow them on Twitter. Since we’re on a bit of a hot streak, the next thing we’re going to work on is getting CSN Washington anchor Russ Thaler to scream “RUSSIAN MACHINE NEVER BREAKS!” before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs with red war paint on. I mean, if we can get into ESPN The Magazine, anything is possible.

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  • So awesome!

  • Darb

    Awesome! Not to mention, we have the most affordable shirt, too.

  • As Ovi would say…. That is SICK!

    Congrats 😀

  • McBride

    Jesus that Red Wings shirt is sweet

  • WHOA. That’s so cool.

  • eduktor42

    Well done RMNB…I always get lots of love when I wear my shirt. Kudos for all of your hard work and keeping things fun! Now…we just wait for Neil’s BIG announcement!! Monte Carlo Machines for everyone??

  • Patrick

    Nice, now I’ll have a reason to open my copy of ESPN Magazine. I only get it so I can get the insider articles on their Caps site.

  • Trevor

    That Penguins shirt is horrible, I like a lot of sid vicious’s music and his antics. Crosby has no relation to that badass besides the first name.

  • Owen

    I’m more amazed ESPN acknowledged the existence of hockey. But cool. This is a reason to check it out.

  • Brad

    You guys offer the least expenisve shirt out of all of the selected shirts. Another reason why RMNB is THE BEST

  • Gracie

    I think this deserves to be in your twitter bio haha

  • BobbyG

    I’ll repeat what Michelle said quoting Ovie: SICK! Congratulations to RMNB for the recognition by ESPN magazine.