YouTube is rife with amateur video packages. However, VazorProduction bucks the trend with his latest montage dedicated to the Washington Capitals. The talented YouTube user has put together some of the greatest moments from the Caps’ 2010-11 regular season and put it to the tune of 12 Stones’ “We Are One.” If this doesn’t get you infinitely more excited about the playoffs, then I’m not sure anything will. One. More. Game.

  • Patrick

    Did they leave out the Winter Classic footage? I think some of that is good highlight material. Like the hit on Crosby…

  • Bob

    Yeah, I felt it. Especially when Joe B called Mike Green’s name and Tom Poti’s name.

  • K4

    How PK didn’t get hurt toppling over Ovechkin I don’t know.

    Did we score 200 goals agains the Panthers in that video alone?

    I also miss the WC footage. I like the commercial shot from the WC where we get a goal (Fehr?) where he’s all stretched out. Could do without “Let me hear you scream”. Maybe if we had gotten intense when we were directed to do so way back when….

  • Jim

    Not bad, but the gold standard for hockey set to music (and it includes Winter Classic footage!):

  • Celia

    p.s. I think it’s ‘rife’ with video, not strife. Yes, I was just that person. go #caps!

  • BobbyG

    Jim nailed it. The gold standard is the 24/7 finale “Hockey won’t sit still for a portrait.” Liev Schreiber’s narration with music epitomizes everything about where the Caps season has been and unfolded, everything about what hockey is really all about. I have this video saved on my computer. It’s classic, epic, and timeless.

    As for the other highlight video, it’s OK. I’ll take One.More.Game–16 times in the playoffs. GO CAPS!

  • Ian

    @Celia – That’s what I get for trying to use fancy words. Thank you. I fixed. 🙂

  • Noah

    Def. thought the last clip should be Fehr’s WC break away

  • David

    The music is from one of my favorite bands, Muse…Exogenesis Part III

    Great album. Caps+Muse=fangasm.

  • BobbyG

    @David: thanks so much for the info about the music played in the HBO 24/7 finale. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

    @Ian: I’m confused about the music identified in the VazorProduction video. It says 12 Stones “We Are One” but there’s another Caps YouTube video that lists this artist and song. It’s not the same as what’s played in the Vazor video.

  • BobbyG

    @Ian and Chris: it’s the first 33 seconds of the Vazor video that confused me. The rest is indeed 12 Stones “We Are One.” Now I’m curious and obsessing over the first 33 seconds LOL.

  • breaklance

    @Vazor my only comment would be you need to include 24/7 and WC. They were just a regulation game but it was still a major highlight of the year. Otherwise I thought it was great.

    @David Undisclosed Desires is such an underrated song from that album.

  • Vazorproduction

    @BobbyG The first 33 seconds it’s the intro of my video.

    For the WC games, I forgot that when I made this video.

    Anyway thanks for posting my video !