#beardpact Year 2 Begins Now

RMNB Presents #beardpact

The 2010-11 NHL regular season will end around 9:00pm Sunday, forbidding any overtime or shootout shenanigans. The Washington Capitals’ season concluded at around 9:45pm Saturday night. Before you and your hockey friends head out for a celebratory drink before the Caps take on the Rangers next week, consider the state of your chin. Are you sporting a bit of weekend scruff? A well-kept van dyke? A two-foot beard tucked into your belt to signify your status as King Under the Mountain? In any case, shave it. Shave it now. The season is over, and the time has come to start fresh.

From Thursday morning until the night Alex Ovechkin hoists the Stanley Cup, we vow not to shave.

From Monday morning until the night Alex Ovechkin hoists the Stanley Cup, we vow not to shave.

We now begin our second annual #beardpact, where the Caps faithful lay down their razors in the hopes of triumphant wins. Preceding every Caps game during the playoffs we will post a #beardpact update featuring the hairy chins of you, our faithful readers.

This year our #beardpact will not only include the simple task of not shaving. We’re taking it to the next level. Wearing your favorite Caps shirt/jersey when the Capitals win? WEAR IT EVERY GAME. Watching the game with your pals at your local watering hole? BE THERE EVERY GAME. Basically, whatever you are doing when the Caps are winning, KEEP DOING THAT.

I’ve already started a #beardpact column on my TweetDeck, and it seems full of questions, so let’s cover the ground rules.

#beardpact Rules and Regulations

  1. All beards must begin with a clean shave. Rustle up a razor and cut those whiskers close either Saturday or Sunday. Make it a good shave and enjoy it. This will be your last one for a while.
  2. Every day record your beard’s progress with your trusty camera.
  3. Post your photo to Twitter with the hashtag #beardpact.
Holy Grail

The holy grail (Photo credit: Kyle M.)

It’s as simple as that. Every game day we’ll scan the tweets and post your fuzzy faces for all the world to see. In addition we’ll keep an eye on the players themselves and see what their chins can muster. Not a guy? Don’t feel discriminated against. Show us what you’ve got. Hair, nails, shoes, anything — just make it RED. Tweet it and we’ll see it. If you’re part of a more official beard-growing charitable endeavor, put it in your posts and let everyone know how to help out. Don’t forget that the Caps themselves are participating in the Beard-A-Thon, so be sure to contribute to your favorite player.

That about covers it. It’s been a long, rough season. Let’s make our beards just as long and rough. Our significant others may hate it, but they’ll see the payoff when we’re all done. Give your beards one last shave and let’s start it up.

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  • Diane

    Let’s hope we see Alzner’s beard looking like that before it’s all said and done this playoffs.

  • The Horn Guy

    My face is a lot colder now. Holy cow.

  • Peter


  • Avtopilot

    “Not a guy? Don’t feel discriminated against. Show us what you’ve got…”


    It’s gonna be sick…


  • I look forward and hate this part of the year in equal measure. I simply CANNOT grow a beard. Still, i’ll take one for the team.

  • J.P.

    Beardpact, eh? I’ll pass. Since the typical voodoo routines have yet to show results in the Caps’ existence, I’m gonna work the cosmic vibes from the other side of the street. Different jerseys, different hats, different shirts will be rotated on a non-specific schedule. While y’all are itchin’, scratchin’, and pulling food particles out of your facial follicles, I’ll be chanting down Babylon with a smile on my face, a random article of CapsWear, and a shot glass full of Stoli!
    Cheers to all of you, and best of luck Caps!

  • Darb

    Challenge accepted! The beard departs tonight.

  • BobbyG

    I won’t be growing a beard, playoff or otherwise, anytime soon LOL. 🙂
    But I’m hoping to see the Caps grow theirs for oh, say, about two months. They all should have a very healthy growth of facial hair by June. Well, maybe not the baby-faced players, or Ovie for that matter if his contract with Gillette prevents it. I’m hoping Gillette gives him a playoff exemption so we can see what his June growth would look like.

  • Darla

    I can’t grow a beard, but it’s a gender issue.

  • Greg

    I lucked out – season ends the night before my college tour. I didn’t want to look like the unabomber for that. Just shaved for the last time until June (I have faith).

  • I can’t grow a beard because my inherent gender prevents it … but my hair is dyed a brilliant red. So I will wear my jersey while I watch games and cheer … 🙂

  • Dubbsy

    Can’t cut off my beard. I tried. Wife asked in a demanding way not too. So Instead, I trimmed 2.5″ off.

  • Darb

    It feels odd not having a beard. For one, it seems like I can feel every single molecule of air that its by face. For two, I had to change my shirt this morning because milk from my cereal was not impeded as it accidentally ran down my chin this morning. But, in the end, it’s worth it!

  • Darb

    The end of the second sentence is supposed to be “that hits my face”.