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“Sorry, Penguin!” Oh, Ovi.

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  • Between the penguin and the tooth getting knocked out, I’m laughing so hard my sides hurt and tears are streaming down my face. :’D

  • The Horn Guy

    That is so awesome it makes my head hurt.

  • Jill Wilson

    Very funny! My favorite part is the tooth being knocked out. That was perfect!

  • Sister Ovechkin

    The best Capital One commercial bar none! Knocking out the tooth on the dentist office sign, pure genius!

  • Yuk

    As always funny Ovi’s commercial. More serious one if you haven’t see it. Check this new Caps playoffs intro that we will see in VC:


  • JW90

    Great commercial. I prefer Varly saying Peek-a-boo tho…

  • Greg

    I prefer Bruce slapping the Penguin pinata for Hadeed because it’s a bit more subtle. But otherwise this is good. 😉

  • BobbyG

    Love both gap-toothed Ovie’s smile and “Sorry penguin” line. Let’s hope Ovie gets to do some real Penguin bashing in the playoffs.