Fans in F Street Building Unveil New Caps Sign for the Playoffs

Photo by Clyde Caplan,

Editor’s Note: Amidst the excitement of tonight’s first playoff game, Caps fan Ashley Christoff decided to gather her co-workers and work on a special project today. We’ll let her explain below.

Another look at the sign

I work for the Entertainment Software Association, which represent the publishers of computer and video games. My co-workers Rich, Dan, Jeff and I are pretty rabid Caps fans and with our office being located across from the Verizon Center at the corner of 7th and F Street, we knew we had to do something big for the playoffs. So we purchased a ream of 8.5×11 bright red paper and cajoled some other co-workers into donating their windows so we could spell out “Let’s Go Caps.” It took about an hour and a half to tape up the letters and make sure we had it centered correctly. We figured with our location, it was the perfect way to pump up the city and fans as they head to the arena for the game. We also recently sent a console and several video games to the team to keep them occupied during the road games. Here’s hoping for a nice, long playoff run that fades those letters out to a nice pinkish hue. Go Caps!

  • BobbyG

    The sign must have worked, at least for game 1. The Sasha twins came through, as Ovie got the tying goal and Sasha Minor the GWG in OT with an assist from his goombah Jason Arnott, aka ASCID. Keep the sign up as long as possible, it looks like a big time good luck charm. I want to see those letters very very faded as the weeks go by hopefully to June!

  • K4

    I agree: Let’s 60 Caps. Play the whole game. There was a lt of standing around at times last night and a lot of passes along the boards to what should have been a Capital, but was a Ranger.

    I think there was a lot of tenativeness given the lopsided reg-season games which meant nothing in sound bites only.

  • Betty

    Nice Job!