Sasha and Sasha go wild after Ovi nets the game-tying goal. (Photo credit: Alex Brandon)

We all know Alexander Semin can be unpredictable. Wednesday night though, #GoodSasha was out in full force as he picked up the game-winning overtime goal and the primary assist on Alex Ovechkin’s wack-a-riffic third period tally. Sasha Minor even had the ability to control human consciousness. After the game, Semin spoke to the media and appeared more relaxed than usual with microphones around. At one point a reporter even asked him if Jason Arnott provided him with gas money. Since this is not something that happens very often I transcribed the interview.

Q. — 15 playoff games without a goal, and to get such a huge one.

A. — “I feel great. We won the game, that’s the most important thing.”

Q. — When you saw Staal put the puck off the glass you went to the slot as if you knew he would get a chance. Is that what you were thinking?

A. — “I just saw the puck get intercepted. It was just a situational play. I tried to get open and I tired to shoot as soon as possible because the defenseman was right there.”

Q. — You had a lot of chances early but couldn’t score. Ovechkin’s goal looked just to be hard work.

A. — “It told us right away that Lundqvist is a great goalie and it is very difficult to score an easy one on him. We could not get a nice goal on him, so we scored a junk goal. Just pushed it in.
But that works.”

Q. — It looked like you were the only one who knew it was in.

A. — “It’s just where I was standing I could see the puck in the net.”

Q. — When you play an extra 19 minutes of hockey how important is it to win?

A. — “I think that can only benefit us.”

Q. — Are you tired?

A. — “Yeah, a little bit, but that’s fine. It’s just the beginning.”

Q. — Is the worst part talking to the media?

A. — “No, it’s alright, guys. Do not worry.”

Q. — What was the feeling like when the puck went into the net in overtime?

A. — “Now we rest.”

Q. — How has Jason Arnott helped you?

A. — “He’s helping a little bit. He’s teaching me to play a little smarter and sometimes it’s better dump the puck in, especially when you’re one against three guys and go get change, let other guys play. Don’t try to do everything by yourself.”

Q. — Does Arnott give you gas money?

A. — “It only happened once, but now that you remind me…”

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