Tonight, I was watching the Sabres/Flyers game on Versus when the above commercial popped up on the screen. Talk about furious. I’d rather have Gary Bettman come to my house, dip his hand in a bucket of ice water and backhand me across the face than involuntarily have to watch this goal again. But there Dubinsky was on my TV. In all his mustached-glory. Raising his arms triumphantly, while Neuvy hangs his head in utter defeat. What a great juxtaposition.

I have two questions for the NHL after being forced to watch this. First, if they don’t want to risk showing favoritism to certain teams, why show goals from this playoff year? The point of the promotion is to show the NHL’s rich history. Have they already run out of moments from the past? Don’t they think that fans’ feelings might be just a little raw one day after a loss? Second, how is this goal any better than the marker Alex Semin scored in overtime in Game 1? So Dubi can get a commercial, but Sasha Minor can’t? Sure, maybe I’m being a little sensitive here, but this just rubbed me the wrong way. I get what you’re trying to do NHL marketing team, but please go back to the drawing board.

  • JW90

    Lucky Goal….

    With a completely unrelated comment, can someone expalin to me why the Caps have yet to sign Phil DeSimone. He’s a former 3rd round pick (’07) and has had a strong college career. His season is over and I don’t know why the Caps aren’t signing and assigning him to Hershey.

  • Owen

    This isn’t real, is it? I mean, all this goal means is that they won’t get swept.

  • Mr. Hammonds

    Yet another example of the NHL, in all it’s “glory”, hating on the Caps. I have not figured out why, as an organization, they consistently disrespect our hockey club.

  • Stephen

    This goal was so weak other goals probably beat it up and take its lunch money.

  • K4

    Great merciful crap.

  • hale

    To add to the cynicism, Dubinsky is American and our very own Semin is Russian. Or they just prefer that horrid stache and Sasha can’t grow one! It’s a travesty as far as that goes.


    This is a late April Fools joke, right? No way in hell thats a real commercial.

  • Mily

    History will be made… as in an eighth seeded team will beat a first seeded team in the first round of playoffs?

    No…definitely hasn’t happened before.

  • Greg

    THANK YOU NHL. Someone get Bruce this link to show the team before game 4. Want to talk about disrespect to a team? If the team sees this I can imagine a 5 – 0 type of game.

    Seriously, what the hell is this?

  • Kelsey Prosser


  • Dark Stranger

    They should at least wait until a series is over before showing a “History Will Be Made” commercial on any of the moments. May the Caps win this series and a certain network gets egg on their face as a result of this commercial.

  • Lindsay

    They could have at least picked a goal from a game that WASN’T complete BS with terrible calls and generally [Ed note: something that rhymes with gritty] reffing. What a joke. I can’t believe they’re already out of material for their “history will be made” series… Jeez. #stayangry

  • VeggieTart

    Oh, that freaking pissed me off. Yeah, let’s focus on Neuvy hanging is head after a freak goal. Could it be any more obvious that the league hates the Caps?

    Greg: My sentiments exactly. I hope the boys go out there on Wednesday night several shades of highly pissed off and give these Ranger mooks holy hell.

    Dark Stranger: How about waiting until the next season. I mean, if the Caps win two more games this week, this won’t be history, folks.

    Brandon Dubinsky’s ‘stache makes him look like a sex offender. I mean, he is seriously creepy with that thing. It’s almost as bad as the patch of fuzz Sidney Crosby tried to grow in November.

  • Greg

    P.s. if they’re using this, obviously much history isn’t going to be made considering the apparent lack of previous history through 50+ years of televised NHL games.

  • Jon

    JW90 – A look at the prospect depth chart should answer that for you.

    People that kept this conversation relevant to the topic at hand – I look at this as a good thing. I think it will piss the team off enough to strike back with great vengeance and furious anger. (See what I did there?) F that game. It’s over and done with, and the team will react accordingly. I have faith.

  • BobbyG

    Ian, you’re not being overly sensitive. I think the timing of this video is badly misplaced and distorts the intent of what the “History Will Be Made” theme is supposed to represent. You’re correct, it’s the NHL’s rich history from the past that should be showcased. There’s nothing to this Dubinsky video IMO other than anti-Caps bias. I like Greg’s suggestion that Coach Boudreau show this video to the team prior to Game 4 just to provide some incentive for the Caps to deliver their own history lesson to the Rangers–and the entire NHL.

  • hale

    Yeah, I really don’t understand them using current games. At the least they should wait until a series is over and follow the winning team. If they must use current, Sasha is a good story scoring the OT GWG in the 1st game after having no goals on 44 shots last playoffs. History redeems or history allows for redemption.

  • WB

    How is this on the same level as Patrick Roy’s glove save or Brad May’s GWG for the Sabers?

    “History has flukey goals”

  • especially since all Dubinsky did was flick the puck at Alzner, who in not attacking and not staying back only succeeded in being a human backboard and scoring against his own goalie.

    the unmitigated gall.

  • Not to mention that there are 14 other teams playing series of their own in which there might be “history being made” … what bunch of fools came up with that?

  • EB

    Absolutely distasteful. I’m so sick and tired of the NHL and their FOX News-like machine of NBC and Versus continually making the Caps appear to be a second rate team.
    To quote the movie Major League:
    “well then I guess there’s only one thing left to do”
    “what’s that?”
    “win the whole f’ing thing”.

  • bob

    This isn’t oversensitive, especially considering that it came 1 day after a game which featured a serious disparity in penalties to one team while the other team flagrantly broke the rules and received “warnings” from the refs for it. I’m sure that the NHL wants to pander to the New York market as much as possible, but come on.

    My question as a life-ling hockey fan is when will the NHL stop protecting mediocrity? Engineering competitiveness in playoff series for business reasons undermines the credibility of the sport, as does allowing the Rangers to utilize a strategy that’s outside the rules (and really make no bones about it). Maybe roller derby is what they’re really looking for.

  • kris

    I thought I was the only one who’s fuming mad after seeing this commercial! Total disrespect! It just further cemented the idea of NHL hating on the Caps! Semin’s amazing OT goal didn’t get crap while this poor excuse of a goal from a dirty team got a HWBM spot?! Seriously?! Ok now I’m [mad] again! Somebody put DJ King on the ice on Wed! Time to kick some [butt]!

  • Regina

    It is what it is – as much as we would like that goal back – it is part of history now and we need to suck it up and fight back – harder than we ever have!

  • Bradford

    I know that they made “history will be made” commercials during the playoffs last year featuring plays from that playoff (the one that comes to mind is a commercial showing Miro Satan’s game winner in OT against Buffalo). That being said, this is going to seem really silly if the Caps win the next two and it just ends up being the Rangers’ lone win in the playoff series.

  • Rhino40

    This is just pure, unspeakable EVIL. I have had my doubts in the past, but now I know for sure:

    God does not hate the Washington Capitals. The NHL–for some inexplicable reason–does.

  • kris

    I agree #20EB the BEST thing that the CAPS can do is take home Lord Stanley to DC to shut these haters *cough*NHL/NBC/VERSUS*cough* up! They might just give our club the respect it deserves!

  • Brad

    Wow this is stupid. This isn’t even history. We are still currently in the series. I mean if the Rangers were to somehow comeback and beat us then it be ok for them to show it. This goal is NOT history

  • Ian

    So reader Max has saved the day and made the below video in response to the Dubinsky commercial. Incredibly well done. Thank you for posting this, dude!

  • Lamplighter

    I thought that was going to say “What if Stall /could/ get it up?”…

  • Yuk

    The goal and the game is already a history, so you cant denied it. Whether it made history is unclear and way too premature, so it shouldn’t be shown yet. The commercial sounds like a counterpoint to Building Hockey Capital, which is only local. It is very good idea to ask BB whether he sees this commercial and if not to mention to see it and show to the team. To me BB has very long memory, considering how Caps responded to losses to Pens and Habs (practically never loosing them again after, in regulation). I’m sure the team will respond even more motivated to eliminate Rangers which what we want.

  • Taz

    Reader Max’s video is a thing of pure beauty. Apart from my partisanship, it’s just really well done – thank you!

    My loathing of the Rangers and NHL officiating has reached new center-of-the-earth depths. It’s one thing to lose a game, another to have the authorities be such a blatant accessory to such blatant cheating. I mean…as a hockey player (speaking of Avery’s line and their ilk), how can you be proud that your best skill is being a top-notch turd? And the commercial is unspeakable. I hope the players are as outraged as all the fans are and kick there collective a$$e$ back to when New York was New Amsterdam.

  • Marc

    I don’t see the stupid commercial as anti-Washington, just pro-New York. That certainly doesn’t save it. It’s glorifying a garbage goal, scored in regulation, to win game 3 of a first-round series. Big. Hairy. Deal.

    Semin’s OT goal is also undeserving, though it is MORE deserving than Dubinsky’s. I love Max’s version for fan-based reasons. 🙂

  • Jay

    Yeah – I think if we did some investigating we’d find a NYC based firm is behind the entire campaign and pushed this unbelievably ridiculous ad thorough. It’ll be nice to close this out in 5.

  • pduffy

    maybe this season, maybe next season, but one season in the not-too-distant future alexander ovechkin will be carrying leonsis, mcphee and boudreau around the ice in the bowl of the stanley cup. we’re that good.

    caps are relative newcomers, which is i guess why we get hated on so much. just like team usa in the world cup. perseverance is the best revenge. LET’S GO CAPS!!!

  • JW90

    awesome max, thanx

  • Max is a video making god!

  • EAT ME



    What a bunch of whining biotches…

    Duby scores big goals all year and now his stache just schooled the Craps…

    “Stache goal”

    Get used to it Crapital fans…

  • Jess

    Awesome. Made my day. My flight tomorrow better be on time so I can catch Game 3 in full — LET’S GO CAPS!!!

  • J

    I don’t have enough HATE to go around between this video, the officiating in game 3, and dealing with United Airlines. The NHL video should read

    History….will be made by the hands of awful officiating.

  • Max

    So glad that you all liked the video! Let me know if you would like to see anything specific and I can whip another one up for you.

  • CDizz

    Make a video of Semin inSEMINating EATME’s mom.

  • Fel

    You are be sensitive, its a freaking commercial, get over yourself and lay off the estrogen dammit.

  • Mily

    @Fel: I feel that Ian has adequately put into words how this commercial is in many ways, more than just a 30 second clip to occupy time. If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is captured at approximately 60 frames (each frame representing a picture) per second, the NHL marketing team has just heaped a whooping 1800 ‘words’ at fans of the opposing team. That is basically a five page essay that is single spaced with 12 pt New Times Roman font and one inch margins.

  • @CapFans1426

    This goal is far from history.

    It is a flukey goal. Let’s put this all into perspective. We had eight penalties called against us in this game, got severely outplayed and the Rags BARELY beat us! Tonight we will silence MSG, and the state of New York. . . .

    Go Caps!

  • Evan

    Nope, your not being overly sensitive, and yes they are showing favoritism.

    A lucky bounce goal, and suddenly dubinsky is a hero

  • Anthony

    What a bunch of whiny F@%&S, just like your fat slob of a coach! Get ready for a long summer, LOSERS!

  • Rhino40


    I have long had this idea, but don’t know how to make web videos:

    Video: to consist of great Caps goals, hits and saves by Russian-born Caps players in the last two years (reg season and playoffs combined)

    Audio: Tchaikovskiy’s “1812 Overture“; the parts that sound like La Marsellaise would be matched to clips of positive moments against the Habs. The video of a Cap scoring a goal or laying out a crushing hit (or even “playing the bongos”) would be timed to match the cannon shots & other accents in the music.

    What you might want to try is try is first studying the backstory of the music itself (written to commemorate the invasion of Russia by Napoleon, and the subsequent defeat of Napoleon at the very gates of Moscow), then putting on the music, closing your eyes and remembering those great Caps moments.

    I think you’ll see what I have in mind.


    Das Rhino

  • K4

    Max, how about a compilation of the Rangers’ cheap shots with the tag line: “History has a long memory”?

  • Sam Miller

    I made this before realizing Max had made one. They’re almost exactly the same, oh well. WOO ACTIVE VIDEO MAKIING CAP FANS!

  • Sam Miller

  • Owen

    @ K4 to be fair, the Penguins are much dirtier than the Rangers. I really feel like the Pens try to injure the other team (although Avery is a bastard)

    Also, someone else said this earlier. We have to remember, we got thoroughly outplayed and drew 8 minor penalties, and they still only beat us by one goal on a lucky bounce (not quite a flukey goal, but it was a lucky one).

    The Rangers just wanted that game more and they deserved to win. It’s now time for the Cardiac Caps to respond.

  • Wes

    I can’t take any goal seriously if it looks like it was scored by BORAT.

  • Rhino40



  • MAOC

    tears welled up…..freaking awesome.

  • And yet Johnny Torts has the gall to call Chimera’s OTOTGWG a “nothing play”. Perhaps the NHL should also do a “Revisionist History Will Be Made” series.

    On another bias note, when I went to read game notes on last night, I was automatically sent to the ESPN-New York page where the recap was distinctly weighted towards the home team. This makes sense if I actually had a choice to go there and wanted that perspective. I get that Ranger fan likes Rangers. But to default their coverage that way with no means of getting another point of view, really?

    And to the folks who’re trolling this site – I’m one of the 100+ fans of this site who refused to whine and cry and back down when we were down 3-0 last night and responded to cynicism, gloating and taunting with belief and support for our team thanks to this blog. What you obviously don’t get about Caps fans is that most of us have become fans of this team thanks to the efforts of the most available, communicative owner in sports history. Their practices are regularly attended by the public at no cost. The players interact with fans far more often than most sports teams (hell they even change their freaking tires!).

    So while I got hooked on the Caps in ’89, I’m ok with the fact that most Caps fans are relatively recent additions because only recently has their owner been someone who really invested his heart in them. And in return they’ve invested in us. Which means that when we talk about “we” and “us” like most sports fans we’re actually talking about people we’ve met and spent time with. People who’ve played hockey with our kids. People who we’ve had a beer with. So we take slights against them personally. It’s what friends do.