Caps Fever Hits Columbia, Maryland

Overlooking Lake Kittamaqundi, there stands a quaint statue honoring Columbia’s visionary founder, James Rouse, and his brother, Willard. The statue, entitled “The Dealings,” is an iconic landmark that everyone in Howard County knows, and one that I come across almost daily when I eat at one of Columbia’s awesome lakefront restaurants. So naturally, when I got on Facebook last night and came across Dylan Goldberg’s photo of the Rouses in full hockey gear rocking the red, I knew I had to share it with the world. Well – at least when I stopped laughing. I hope you enjoy.

And while we’re on the subject, you know what else needs to be decked out in Caps gear? Either the Francis Scott Key statue, the cast-iron greyhound dog from the Civil War, the Trompe l’oeil painting, or one of those 30 six-foot fiberglass keys in my hometown of Frederick, Maryland. Someone please put a ‘Winning‘ t-shirt over one of these glorious landmarks and send it to

S/T to Oksana Zolotar.

  • Oksana


  • Mark

    An excellent post indeed, there should be a law that all statues must be draped with as much caps gear as possible during the playoffs. They are like christmas trees for sports fans.

  • Vince

    Are you sure you did not do this Oksana?

  • Ian

    Here’s a pic of these guys without the jerseys on:

  • Darb

    George over at GMU needs some red, too.

  • Someone more talented than me should Photoshop a Caps jersey onto Lincoln, Jefferson, and FDR!

  • Lu

    Maybe we should get the crabs that are in Baltimore to Rock the Red too!

    I want the foam stick hat! My kids would LOVE it!