After Jason Chimera scored in double overtime last night – a goal in which he characterized as “next to getting married and having kids, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me” – we figured he deserved some love. So we asked reader Max Duchaine, the same man behind the Alex Semin “History will be Red” clip, to hook us up. Can you hear us now, Rangers fans?

  • CapsFan

    Wonderful. Thanks for this!

  • bob

    This was fantastic. BTW-Did anyone else take offense to Tortorella’s dismissal of the winning goal? It’s not like the Anisimov goal was a thing of beauty, to say nothing of the game winning goal in game 3. Also, was it just me, or did it feel like the caps carried the play in the overtimes? It’s hard to argue that they didn’t deserve the outcome.

  • Peter

    So we’re doing this for every GWG now?

  • Natasha

    Oh, this is just awesome! Thanks a lot for this!

  • Robert

    Love it. I hope the scallywags at NHL realize how mind-blowingly moronic it is to create history only moments after it happens and with no consideration as to the importance of the game or play.
    Now, when the red sea parts and all that is left standing are the crimson warriors and their toothless captain holding that big silver chalice, that’s when the real history happens. Until then, we can’t hear you.

  • Best video ever!!!!!

  • WashCapsRock


  • The Horn Guy

    Very nicely done. Great job by the producer(s).

  • CDizz

    Hahahahahahahahaha best video evvvveeeeerrrrr

  • Avtopilot


    history is made by people.
    not by NHL commercials.

    History will be red

  • Love this! Love it very, very much … There is sooo much good about it. I especially like “History can’t be heard.” bahahahaaaaa … true on so many levels.

  • Rhino40

    Awesome job Max…priceless! XD

    Have you thought about my “1812” idea?


    Das Rhino

  • Max

    Thank you guys for the kind words…Rhino, email me:

  • Colin

    Well done Max! History will be Red indeed…

  • Colin

    BTW, as further proof that the NHL PR folks hate the Caps, their latest “History Will Be Made” commercial is of the Pen’s 2OT winner from last night. Thank you for making this Max, because the NHL sure as hell won’t ever do it.

  • Robert

    Yeah, just saw the weak Pens video. The Pens were winning for most of the game, TB came back but lost. Not a dramatic, overtime comeback that the Caps had.
    Our Red video is better anyway.

  • Very nice. 🙂 Thank you, Max, RMNB and, of course, ChimDog.

  • Ian

    Here’s the Chris Neal video the NHL did today

  • @CapFans1426

    Really!? Chris Neal gets one, and we get snubbed! Guess I should have expected this, oh well. F it!

    The new tagline: “History will be RED” needs to become a shirt somehow

    Anyways, is it Saturday yet?

    Go Caps!

  • JW90

    Do one with Marcus’s two goals saying “History is relentless…”

  • Amy

    That. That was [Ed note: effing] fierce.

  • James

    Love these videos, totally amazing work. And History will be Red definately needs a shirt. Hope Max keeps up the amazing work, loved to see some more videos.

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  • Pete

    OK, Caps fans, here’s the chant for tomorrow’s game: “Can you hear us now?” Appropriate for Verizon Center.

  • BobbyG

    YES! Thanks for this awesome vid Max. Stick it to the NHL, they get what they deserve.

    Now the entire league can hear us Caps fans now!

  • Pete

    Great, love this.