Thursday night, I turned to ESPN2, and watched PTI while I ate dinner. It almost resulted in me spitting out my cheesesteak. Former Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon led the show off with hockey and expressed their opinions on the result of Game Four between Washington and the Rangers. Because I heard the words “championship” and “Capitals” uttered in the same sentence, I felt compelled to share. The transcript is below.

Tony Kornheiser – I’m going to say something I don’t say very often. Let’s begin with hockey. The Washington Capitals came back from a 3-0 deficit on the road last night, scoring three goals in the third period to tie, and getting a fluke goal to beat the Rangers in the second overtime period. This silenced Rangers fans who had lustily serenaded Bruce Boudreau with taunts of, “Can you hear us?”

Michael Wilbon – Lovely.

TK – Can you hear this?

MW – I heard it last night.

TK – Wilbon, let’s start with the game-winner. If you are Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, how are you feeling right now, big boy?

MW – Well, I wouldn’t say it, and I wouldn’t even tweet it. But I might be a little bit disappointed in my defense. After stopping 49? I mean come on now. I’ve done everything in this game.

TK – And just watching the puck just roll out there. Clear the puck.

MW – I’d be upset with that. What have I done here but play great? This to me, Tony, was a championship signature performance. If the Capitals win [the Stanley cup] – and a lot of people think they can win even though Vancouver’s said to be a better team by some – you’re going to look back on this game when the Rangers could have evened this series and say, “That’s it! That’s the point when the Capitals established who they are.”

TK – But because we have watched the Capitals for years and we’ve watched them – not once, not twice, but four times – blow 3-1 leads, they’ve got to back this up by winning Game Five at home. They’ve got to do that.

I thought the big part of the game -and the reason I thought the Rangers would win- is Ovechkin’s all alone in the first overtime with a breakaway. He’s got it on his stick. He doesn’t get it. That’s like popping out with the bases loaded. I thought it was going to turn for the Rangers at that point.

MW – First of all Tony, I turned away and I stopped paying attention. Three nothing. And you’ve mentioned the Capitals’ futility in the playoffs. That’s one of those games you go, “Oh my god, the Rangers are now even, the pressure’s back on the Capitals.” They came through. They delivered.

TK – Let’s say something here. This is a big gag by the Rangers. 3-0 at home. One period to go. And you don’t close it out? That is called a big gag.

MW – After Boudreau called out their building and their people?

TK – Big gag.

  • FedFed
  • Lou

    These two morons don’t know jack about hockey.

  • CapsFan

    Agree with Lou. Wasn’t it Wilbon who said (in an online chat on WaPo) that Crosby was so far ahead of Ovi in accomplishments that Ovi would need a telescope to see Crosby? TK and MW are on the bandwagon now. Whoopee. I’d rather listen to that gasbag Mike Milbury than either of these two.

  • Bucky Katt

    CapsFan sez: “I’d rather listen to that gasbag Mike Milbury than either of these two.”

    Ouch! But you and Lou are right on. Wilbon and the Korn are probably those most ignorant people on the planet when it comes to hockey.


    Agreed – they probably are – but they nailed one thing…it was indeed a BIG GAG for the Rangers!

  • Bucky Katt


    My wacked out siamese, who is several french fries short of a happy meal, could make that observation as well. In fact he did, along with a hairball.

  • Bart

    These two over the years have dissed both hockey and soccer, while going with the sports that live by all those time outs (NBA, NFL).

  • Goaliemama

    These two are dumb as dirt when it comes to hockey…no…dirt is smarter!
    It’s amazing to me how these two, who made a living in this town for years from our local sports, now just like to listen to themselves talk…’cause no one else is listening. I hate to say it, but Milbury makes more sense than these two. What a pity. 🙁

  • BobbyG

    Last year the Caps definitely lose this game. That was then, this is now. IMO it was a message sending, statement making game. They never stopped playing and competing, whereas the Rangers let up and let the Caps take it to them.. How do you spell choke? GAG!

    Time for the NHL to make another “History Will Be Made” video and I can picture it already. WHAT IF THE RANGERS DIDN’T BLOW A 3 GOAL LEAD? HISTORY WILL BE MADE. Eat that one NHL!

  • CDizz

    That wasn’t a Signature Performance, unless you’re talking about the performance we put on in the 09-10 regular season. It works in the regular season, but risky in the playoffs. Definitely saved us this weekend but we can’t keep doing this. Same deficit against Canadiens in game 2 which we came back to win in overtime again, took a 3-1 lead in the series, then lost it. We need to get stick with the game we were playing in the last 20 games of the season.