The Face of the Enemy Revealed: Tampa Bay Lightning

Get ready for 4+ games of Steve Downie, Steven Stamkos, and Dwayne Roloson – the man who shut us out twice during the regular season and is approximately 4,000 years old. How are you feeling, Caps fans? Can we take them? What’s your prediction?

  • Greg

    Rangers beat us 6 – 0, 7 – 0 in regular season, too. I think Pitt would have been a better matchup (their offense is pathetic), but I think the Caps’ll be alright. Plus this way I’ll get to see them live (I live in FL).

  • judy

    We can take em. Pittsburgh would have been easier, but the better teams won in round 1. Now we start over and leave the past behind…

  • Tattooed Enigma

    The real question is how much does Tampa have left in the tank and how soon can the Caps play them? I hope this series starts Friday. That way the Caps can pounce on them while they are still a bit fatigued.

  • Tim

    We can definitely take them – I’m saying 5 games. Their defense is terrible, their goalie is streaky (and we know how to get under his skin, right Hendricks?), and we can control their offense.

  • Greg

    Honestly I think the fatigue thing is going to be neutralized by the Caps long layoff. Not always the best thing to have a long break between games. Too much opportunity for rust. Game 2 will be a better barometer, methinks.

  • Tattooed Enigma

    @Greg, Good points man. That is very true.

  • Ross

    Bruce has kept them skating.. we’ll be ready

  • Robert

    Tampa seems to be playing a fast, skilled, crisp passing game. That said:
    Caps in 4!

  • Mike

    A harder match-up then any of the other potential candidates were but not unbeatable. Our D is much better than theirs and our offense has the potential to be more robust than the ‘bolts. I’d like a Caps win in 6, hopefully Hendricks can stand by and poke Roloson in the back a few times, Erskine/Bradley beat up on their tough guys, and another couple highlight Ovi Goals to get through this one.

  • Greg

    Regardless of how it might or might not go, I’m stoked for this to get started! LETS GO CAPS.

  • Colin

    Confirmed by the Caps. Game 1 on Friday at 7 pm. Bring on the Dolts! Lets go Caps!

  • Dark Stranger

    The weather outside in the DC area indicated our playoff opponent. Bolts of lightning! The main lightning was after the Bolts had knocked off Pittsburgh.

    Can we beat Tampa? Granted, Rolo did two shutouts but we won the last two AND Mr. Hattrick is on our side.

  • Regular season record means nothing now. 43 hours to go fellas. 43 hours!

  • Noah

    The only teams left I think could hang with the caps are Vancouver and Boston, the other teams be damned. Especially Philly.

  • Evan

    Gotta be ready for any team.

    That’s what these new Caps are about.

  • I feared bad things vs Rangers and predicted at least 2 shutouts but based it off of the regular season. Clearly the NHL Playoffs need to be their own sport bc almost all teams performed differently than in reg season. Worked out great for us tho! Let’s hope it doesn’t reverse on us in Round 2!

  • Brad

    Caps in 6

  • AlexE

    their goalie is old and inexperienced. Thats why the D is always around him. Also did not experience stars such as Malkin and Crosby. I think a couple of dangles by OV to get him shook, followed by some mean Semin goals will rattle this team so hard that we can win in 7 at most. Still the Bolts made a heavy comeback and cannot be underestimated, since they still have stammer and co. If they step their game up we have competition. GO CAPS

  • Avtopilot

    C’mon, everybody knows allready, that the final will be:

    It’s not official yet, but it is written in the script.

  • K4

    We’ll see how much advantage the time off gives the Caps. Hopefully they can parlay that into a quick 2nd round series and be rested for the conf finals.

    My script would have been beat Habs, Pens, Flyers and Red Wings. Avenge the major playoff misery in one magical post season. Seems as though my script has some white out and strike through -as long as the ending doesn’t change…

  • FedFed

    Na na na na, na na na na, heeey, goodbye, Penguins.

  • FedFed

    Very intense sked for Caps and Bolts… I think, it’s a good think for the team who has played less games in the previous series.

  • Amy

    True story, Monday night, I had a dream of Sid watching from a broom closet in VC as we demolished his team.. But alas my dreams are notably inaccurate..

    Is it true that the Bolts left for DC last night after the game? not that I’m concerned, cuz I aint afraid of no Bolts, Lets GO Caps!!

  • Bastinda

    Lundqvist shut us out twice during the regular season too. Look at him now. Caps in 4.

  • Bucky Katt

    Bastinda sez: “Lundqvist shut us out twice during the regular season too. Look at him now.”

    Yep. Literally cryin and lining up tee times. :0)

  • Denise

    Just wondering, did the Penns stick around for the handshake or did they leave in a huff like they did at the Winter Classic? I was at work, didn’t get to see game.


    Im thinking this series will go to 7 very brutal games. TB seems to be hitting a stride, which makes me a little nervous. Though ultimately, Caps will take it.

    I agree with the earlier poster who said Game 2 will be a good indicator of how this series will look/last.

  • Daniel

    You say that Roloson is old and inexperienced. Yes, he is 41 years old, but he has already proven that it’s not a factor. Inexperienced?? This is his third trip to the playoffs, and the last time, he took 8th seed Edmonton to the finals before he was injured. If Roli’s inexperienced, then what the heck does that make your goalie???

    You say that the Caps will win in 7 at most, which I think is fair, because I’ve never seen anyone win in 8 or 9 games…

  • AlexE

    I’m not so sure he’s proven its not a factor. I say inexperienced because he played 4 games with Buffalo in ’99, followed by 2 good playoff season most notably with Edmonton over a span of 4 seasons, but ultimately has seen no playoffs since- all the while aging. I hope you dont take it as an insult or anything, as thats not what it is intended to be, but thats not exactly and experienced playoff goalie.

    I never said our goalie was experienced but he does have 2 Calder Cups from winning the AHL playoffs. Also, Varlamov has played 19 playoffs games in the last 2 seasons which I believe makes him more ‘experienced’ -relative to age and recent play. Also proving that he can be a real show stopper. It should also be noted that he went very deep with Lokomotiv in Russia’s playoffs before coming to North America, showing that he has participated in every years playoff since turning pro at 18! I think he’s experienced, or at least capable of outclassing Roloson.

    When I said 7 at most, it means that I think the Caps will win for sure, albeit with the possibility of 7 games. In other words im giving Tampa credit in saying that they might make this win cost us 7 games at most meaning it could and probably will be less

  • Avtopilot

    NYR had Avery, hot goalie and some work ethics.
    Caps proved, that they can counter it, when big guns are in good order.

    So, the main danger in this series comes from TBL trap+ offense ( Stamkos-St.Lois-Lecavalier)

    so, no turnovers, no run&gun, stiffing defense is required from BB.
    I expect a low number of goals and a win in 5 or 6 games.

  • Nice game!

  • Did Steve Downie score a goal?

  • Shawb Bane

    What now! You choked again! A sweep, the Pens with no top line forwards took them to seven, and even had a lead. Typical Caps with King Alex, no heart, and full of CHOKE!!!. How does it feel to CHOKE again. You guys should have had it, no Crosby, no Malkin, not facing the Penguins. Your team blew it. Alex can shine Geno’s ring from 09 when he gets back to Russia.