• Psevyn

    “It’s fitting that we Capitals fans have been given the honor to speak on this grim occasion. Fitting because we wake up every morning eagerly awaiting the latest Post-Gazette update on Sidney Crosby’s concussion status.”

    This is utterly disgusting. I’m not a Pens fan. and never have been. However, I have seen first hand, the terrible effects of post concussion syndrome. Lets not forget, this is what put Eric Lindross out… it took him 10 YEARS just to get his drivers license back…. This type of injury isn’t something to be made fun of… it can ruin your life, your personality, your ability to think and function…. This not something to take pride or joy in, regardless of how you feel about the Team. Even though it’s only a joke, made to rub a little dirt into the faces of Pens fans, I think it is safe to say that it crosses the line.

  • matt

    as a penguins fan, that was good. well done boys. liked the sarcasm. liked the overt slams.

    hopefully next year, we do the same to you.

    also, keep shooting on roloson. he’s shaky.

  • Barbara

    Freakin’ unbelievably awesome!

  • Max

    “also, keep shooting on roloson. he’s shaky.”

    …you mean like Michal Neuvirth?

  • Natasha

    Guys, that was MEAN and HILARIOUS! The best eulogy I’ve read on PD, but probably I’m just biased. Anyway, great job!

  • Peter Hassett


    That joke doesn’t make fun of a concussion, it makes fun of the press coverage of the recovery and the conception of bloodthirsty Caps fans obsessed with Pittsburgh.


  • Sombrero Guy

    Very very very well done guys. Even Penguins fans have to appreciate the two way snark.

  • This is the funniest sh!t I’ve seen yet. I”m going to play this while brushing my teeth in the morning!!! This is quality work! Dude deserves an Emmy and all that!!! MAD PROPS

  • J.P.

    Nicely, nicely done. By far the best of the eulogies that have been posted at Puck Daddy.
    Favorite line:
    “Your mewling army of yinzer fans can look forward to another electrifying summer from the Pirates and hope to contract something curable from Maxim Talbot.”
    Treat yourselves to several shots of Stoli, you’ve earned it.

  • Vince Garzo

    Wow. That’s a very well thought out verbally expressed giant middle finger to the entire city.

    Psevyn needs to bring his morality policing to ThePensBlog and it’s incessant daily hit pieces before harping on a single flame-post from RMNB. Great post guys!

  • Cami

    Loved it!!! The last sentence was awesome, and the world of warcraft reference was unexpected. Haha, keep up the good work guys!!

  • stan capper

    Glad to see Caps fans’ obsession with Pittsburgh continues. Wish we could reciprocate, but Caps hockey just doesn’t elicit that kind of hatred. Getting all worked up over the Caps would be sort of like obsessing over the Minnesota Vikings or San Jose Sharks or Chicago Cubs…cute but solid franchises who have a storied history of impressive regular season success.

    Keep the concussion jokes coming though! They’re priceless.

  • Greg

    The comments are effing priceless. “You aren’t our biggest rivals”, “you guys aren’t real fans”, etc.

    Go guzzle some yellow mustard, Pens fans. We have a game to get ready to watch.

  • Ivana

    I plan on reading this article at my wedding in lieu of my vows. Brilliant work, boys.

  • deann

    I love RMNB and I’ll enjoy an article like this if we get past the Lightning…but I kind of wish we’d wait until we actually won something to write stuff like this on the national stage.

  • deann

    But it was funny and well done!

  • Priceless. Spot on and pitch perfect. Cookie the Penguin even loved it; why do you think he was laughing?

  • Rick

    Congrats on the continued national attention. Great fun to read.

  • Dark Stranger

    Very funny! Although now that we’re down 1 game to none to that Tampa team, I wonder about the timing of it.

  • deann

    Dark Stranger: That was my fear. I’d rather us not get all cutesy over Pittsburgh’s early exit — especially when we haven’t had a lot of playoff success recently.

  • Gracie

    I loved it. The amount of people who dont understand Puck Daddy’s eulogy’s is astounding. You cant help but laugh at all those who take it entirely too seriously.
    So good work boys. And cheers to the Pens fans who are able to take a joke.

  • Reasonable Pens Fan

    After seeing this on Yahoo (and all of the awful things anti-Penguins people posted to it), I thought checking this board would only be worse. But it wasn’t. 21 comments, and about 80% of them were completely civil and not outright bashing. As a Pens fan (that knew this was a satire), I feel like some parts of it were pretty painfully worded, and you could obviously see some of the bias. Loved the Cooke rap sheet though, with the “spa day” and “DVR” jokes. Though, on the other hand, concussions aren’t a laughing matter, and I really hope no Caps fan is serious about wishing that Crosby’s injury keeps him out of the sport, and worse, for the rest of his life.

    And, the Pirates joke? Come on! Me and most of the city don’t even act like they exist anymore. Pirates games are a $5 way for me to go outside for 3 hours and hang out with friends and family.

    But really, a decent piece, and if I wasn’t a big Pens fan, I probably could have enjoyed it a lot more. Whether I am reading the Lightning or Capitals eulogy soon, I know I will get a kick out of either. ThePensBlog will be writing some version of either, and I hope they at least have the same level of dignity your writer did, if not more.

  • JJR

    You just lost a game, what happened? Whine. No Stanley Cups ever? Whine wa wa boo hoo. Next then you know you’ll lose again and run and embrace Dan Snyder.

  • JJR

    You just lost another game, what happened? Sniff. Let’s discuss some more. No Stanley Cups ever? Whine. Whine. You lose then lose and you maybe win and might lose. Whine wa wa boo hoo. Next thing you know you’ll lose again and run and embrace Dan Snyder.

  • Me

    Funny, sort of, but a bit obsessive and definitely premature, but then again, Caps fans have to get their shots in before their inevitable collapse, I suppose.

    I will say at least the Pens won a few games… and that was WITHOUT Malkin, Crosby, and Cooke! Pretty impressive they were even in the playoffs, actually.

    But I don’t want to be a bad sport, so way to go, CAPS! Eastern Conference Champions!!! Raise that banner. (Now that Leonsis has made room by taking down the Washington Mystics’ attendance banners!)