A photo tweeted by the D.O. Double G after the show.

Photos by Andy Hsu

As both an alumus of UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and a former member of the school’s Student Events Board, I beamed with pride when I heard that Snoop Dogg would be performing at this year’s Quadmania. Quadmania, which is a year-end festival meant to rally the university’s students before finals, has hosted acts such as N.E.R.D., Kanye West, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, and All American Rejects in years past.  Lo and behold, when my friends started posting their pictures on Facebook from the show Friday night, my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Snoop rocking the red and wearing an Ovechkin jersey. How cool is that? Below the fold, check out a few more professional pics from friend-of-the-blog Andy Hsu.

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  • Devi

    OMG!!! That’s awesome!!!
    Snoop Dogg’s badass redemption here hahahaha!!!XD

  • Just for the record:

  • San Fran Caps Fan

    Ouch! Who wore #9 on the dreaded Pens?

  • amalg

    well, he may have worn 9, but at the end of the day 8 comes first!

  • Todd

    Best video of Snoop talking about hockey:

  • Rick


  • sentientcheese

    As a UMBC alum (’09) this warms my heart.

  • Brad

    Snoop is the biggest bandwagon ever to walk the earth. He’s a lakers and steelers fan. Two cities that are on opposite sides of the map. Ok yeah he’s wearing an ovi jersye but how many other players can he name?

  • CDizz

    What’s that Bruins-esque shirt his DJ was wearing?

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  • Denise

    I don’t know about his real hockey team, but Snoop is a die hard Raiders fan…..this I know for a fact.

  • yay! go umbuck.