MSNBC shows a man at White House gate wearing a NB19 shirsey (Screen-capture by Ian Oland)

In the wake of the news that Osama bin Laden has been killed, people — particularly young people — gathered around the White House. Since game two of the Washington Capitals’ series with the Tampa Bay Lightning had just ended when the news broke, a good number of fans were in presence.

Here are the eery photos of Caps fans sharing the experience with each other.


President Barack Obama walks through the Cross Hall to the Blue Room to deliver OBL news to the nation, while a staffer in an Ovechkin jersey hangs in the background. (Photo by Jason Reed of Reuters)

General photo of the crowd via RMNB’s Chris Gordon.

Caps fan standing beside Geraldo Rivera. (via @pattymaryniak)

A man in an Ovechkin jersey stands by two members of the military just outside the White House gates. (Photo by Clydeorama)

A person wearing a Backstrom jersey holds an American flag atop a tree. (Photo by Clydeorama)

Caps fan sitting atop a statue. (Photo by Clydeorama)

Teamwork! A fan in an Ovechkin jersey gives a boost to a young man climbing a light post to hang an American flag. (via Jenn Rubenstein)

A fan – wearing one of the red foam hockey stick hats that the Caps gave out during the first round – attempts to hang said flag. (Via Jenn Rubenstein)

Photo of Caps fans Natasha Hashemi and Andrew McCeney by White House gate. (via @acjzone)

Guy in Nats hat and a person wearing Ovechkin jersey to the far right. (via @thinkprogress)

Fan in Ovi jersey and Caps hat at Lafeyette Park. (via @lindsapple)

Caps fan Quinlan Brennan (right) and a friend pose in front of the White House.

Jenn Wurzbacher poses after the crowd disperses.

A group poses a few blocks away from the White House. (Photo by Liz Elkind)

A Caps fans raises his arms to celebrate the news. (Photo credit: Liz Elkind)

Liz Elkind captures a Caps fan in the streets of DC amid the chaos.

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CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry admits to being on TV with a Caps polo on.

  • Ian

    If you have any photos that you’d for us to include in our post, please email us and we’ll be glad to add them.

  • Ian

    Here’s one more awesome video from Liz Elkind of the crowd singing the National Anthem – right after an Ole’ chant.

  • liz

    ha sorry i kept moving the camera too fast! shooting video is going to take some getting used to…

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  • The Caps Fan with Geraldo was the daily show’s moment of zen last night. Pretty excellent.