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After getting the green light from the Capitals organization on breakdown day, Alex Ovechkin left the United States Friday for the 2011 IIHF World Championships in Slovakia. Ovechkin, who had to endure an eight hour flight from DC to Vienna, was then driven by IIHF representatives to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, just in time for a noon practice at Orange Stadium. He had almost no break.

Before departing from Kettler Capitals Iceplex Thursday, Ovi told Katie Carrera:

“I talked to President [Vladislav] Tretiak and they asked me if I go and I said, ‘Yes, I go,’” Ovechkin said on the day of the Capitals’ exit interviews. “I don’t want to go there, but I will. Because I want to play in playoffs, win Stanley Cup, but the situation is the situation and I’m going to play for my country and try to win gold.”

Ovechkin will immediately have the chance to avenge the Czechs in the quarterfinals Sunday at 4:15pm (10:15 AM eastern time), the same team that beat Russia in the championship game last year and ended their 27-game winning streak in the tournament. He will reportedly be the only Capital player on Team Russia’s roster this year and will play on a line with Maxim Afinogenov and Konstantin Gorovikov, a center for SKA Saint Petersburg of the KHL.

Team Russia could certainly use his help. After a devastating loss to Germany in the opening game, Russia, despite its poor play, managed to win three straight games against Slovenia, Slovakia and Denmark. All three games were tense, one-goal affairs and the Russian press and its fans are waiting for a more serious opponent to see if the team can step up its game accordingly. Meanwhile, Russian coaches Slava Bykov and Igor Zakharkin are under fire for their coaching decisions (such as goalie choice) and statements in the press.

Below, check out a few more photos of Ovi arriving in Europe at the airport in Vienna, Austria, courtesy of

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Additional reporting by Fedor Fedin.

  • Mike

    So ovi, Jeans under sweat pants

  • Lu

    Mike, I was thinking the same thing. Unless its some crazy fashion thing where its only to look like jeans under sweats. He is the same guy who wore purple everything (and painted his face purple) to go to a Prince concert.

  • Bob

    Jeans for the pockets and sweat -pants overtop to stay warm.

  • BobbyG

    LOL at some of those pics. I’m totally not surprised at what Ovie considers fashion. Thanks for sharing, and also the link to more pics.

    BTW, I read in the following story that Ovie will get the stitches from his injured nose removed while in Bratislava.

  • I must be jonesing for hockey because I am actually going to break these photos down to settle the “jeans under sweatpants” issue. I believe Lu is correct. If you look at the fifth picture it’s clear that a) the sweatpants being blown against his shin are not over top of another pair of pants and b) the fly is attached to both waistbands (and Ovi should XYZPDQ).

    I am now going to hide in a corner and get drunk…

  • San Fran Caps Fan

    Love the Caps bag and all those sticks! Wish I had a fraction as many. Go Ovi!

  • Donna

    Go Ovi! I love your style ! good luck !

  • I love that no hockey star is ever too big that he doesn’t carry his own bag and sticks … plus his luggage. WTG Ovie 🙂



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  • drew

    OV is a nevernude??? it’s never the ones you suspect..

  • K4

    Are we to believe he was able to fly with those sticks and they DIDN’T break? Can he use those next year?

    What’s with the dingdong billboard (looks like a keychain) in the background?

    Sweatpants over jean SHORTS? Uh…wth? Or maybe..”They’re called ‘Skinnyjeans'”…