Joe Beninati: The Year in Suits

Whether we like it or not, we carry profound memories of last season. We’ll be taking a few opportunities to revisit the Capitals’ 2010-2011 campaign soon, but we thought we’d start with the most important matter of all: Joe Beninati’s suits.

We at Russian Machine Never Breaks are the Ken Burnses of Joe B. fashion. We’ve been documenting every green blazer, every ostentatious houndstooth and argyle combo, and every– let’s be honest– pimp suit. The esteemed Beninati was your guide through a spastic season, and now we return the favor. Here are (awful cell phone) photos of Joe’s suits from every telecast this season– with links to our gamers.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane with the sharply dressed, silver-tongued man himself.

P.S. NBC/Versus was pretty dumb to let the guy go, huh?

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  • Peter

    11/28 is my favorite

  • Peter

    but 12/12 and 3/26 are up there too

  • I love how I am so behind in work, but now I am just looking at all of Joe B’s amazing faces.

  • i can’t believe i missed 11/28 and 3/26! That’s incredible!

    I actually really like his jacket in 12/18 and the overall look from 2/17.

    PS: Craig’s tie in 1/18 is pretty great too, as are both ties in 1/23.

    Anyone notice the new glasses starting March 12?

  • Joe B is the best. The man just wants to look good.

  • Knuble’s Knights

    To be fair, true Ken Burnses would have panned and zoomed the s#!% out of those suits.

  • 12/12

  • Stephen

    Joe’s face in 3/27 is the same reaction I have to what Don Cherry usually wears

  • CapsFan

    Like the caption for 12/2!

  • Ian

    Still trying to figure out if it’s good or bad that I excitedly spent 10 hours compiling the XML stylesheet that runs that flash piece up there.

  • Ian

    By the way, the November 19th photo is priceless.

  • Todd

    Because he’s not working for Versus right now, I just heard him calling a college lacrosse game on ESPNU. Amazing.