Video: 4-Year-Old Caps Whiz Kid Knows Everything

Brady’s hockey knowledge is alarming. On the way to a hockey game, his dad quizzes the precocious 4-year-old on all things puck-related. Goalies across the NHL? Flawless. Capitals players by numbers? Perfect. Trade details? Kinda iffy on that one, actually. Brady even catches his dad on a trick question about Jordan Staal’s numbers.

Seriously, this pint-sized puckhead prodigy will give you a run for your hockey-trivia money. We’re just glad he’s a Caps fan. Adorbs kids + hockey nerdery = instant RMNB classic.

Sigh. Summer content.

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  • Nicole

    This kid is so awesome.

  • Natasha

    Laughed so hard! I could listen to his answers forever! The kid is just great! Thanks for finding and posting.

  • Brandee

    that kid knows more than most adult hockey fans!! what a cutie & he’s really, really good

  • JW90

    Might be the biggest G I’ve ever seen. Already forwarded to all my hockey buddies….

  • Puddin_an_Semin

    that kids parents should be so proud! I love it! so awesome!

  • Ian

    Bita, thanks for sharing this video with us. It made our day! Brady’s awesome!

  • Ian

    One last thing: Brady at 1:40… epic.

  • OK, I thought my boys (9 and 11) were good when they would quiz each other on Caps jersey numbers. But this kid has them down cold.

    I still love it when my boys play hockey in the basement, and fight over whether one is playing as “GoodSasha” or “BadSasha.”

  • Em

    Epic. I feel like I can’t have kids now because they may never be this awesome.

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  • JTuck

    This might be the most awesome kid ever! Thanks for posting the video!

  • WT

    Brady ROCKS!!! So freakin’ smart! Proud parents of lil’G!

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