Braden Holtby has become a fan favorite here in the big city of Washington, DC, but that doesn’t mean the young Capitals goaltender, who grew up on a farm in Marshall, Saskatchewan, doesn’t still hold a special place in his heart for the Canadian Prairies.

In the video above, Holtby talks about growing up in central Canada with Hockeydiaries producers Gemma Hooley and Chris Nelson, an upbringing he also discussed last July. “I played hockey all day,” he said then. “There is not much else to do in Saskatchewan.”

Gemma and Chris chronicled Holtby along with Matt Hendricks throughout the 2010-11 campaign, just as they’ve done the past two years, and the documentary will be released sometime this summer. For more details plus bonus audio and video, follow Media Chameleon on Twitter and on Tumblr.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

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