Is Brooks Laich Still a Capital Dot Com

Some questions plague our summer months. We already addressed “who the heck is Alex Semin?” and eventually we’ll get around to “Dear God, what is Ovechkin wearing now?” Today, however, is when we ponder, “What’s going to happen to Brooks Laich?”

An unrestricted free agent as of July 1, Brooks Laich looks as good to GMs across the league as he does to pretty much every girl I meet it seems like. Second (perhaps) only to fellow UFA Brad Richards, BL21 will be a tasty morsel on the open market. He’s a player who makes everyone around him better, he’s a competent two-way forward, he works on both special teams units, he can take face-offs and he might be the most eloquent hockey player you’ll ever hear. Everybody wants him.

We’re worried. Every day we scour the feeds and tweets for an update on Brooksy. Has he signed a contract yet? Are other teams talking about him? We’re spazzing out over here.

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