Sure his nickname is the Undertaker, but even for himself, Capitals General Manager George McPhee has been particularly dour regarding this year’s NHL Draft. Last week, when Olaf Kolzig was introduced as the new associate goaltending coach, McPhee was asked about the draft and said that it lacked “real difference makers.” Today, McPhee sat down with Capitals’ senior writer Mike Vogel and elaborated. “I haven’t loved this draft,” McPhee lamented. “There are some decent players early on. I think it levels off in a hurry. I think once you get past 14 or 15 players, there are lots of players who have a chance to play but by no means are a lock.”

After dumping his second and third round picks at the trade deadline to acquire Dennis Wideman and Jason Arnott, GMGM will have only five picks this year. When asked if he would consider making a deal to land a particular player in the first round, McPhee was leery. “I wouldn’t anticipate moving up in this draft because whatever is there at 15, 16, 17 is going to be the same sort of player at 26,” he said. “I might move back if there’s something that makes sense and someone else wants to do that.”

McPhee added: “When we get to our pick, we’ll take whoever the best player is whether it’s a forward or a defenseman or a goalie.”

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  • Jim

    Of COURSE McPhee doesn’t like this draft. Saying that gives him a ready excuse when they turn up with a bunch of busts. It also covers him for trading his second and third pick, moves which look much worse if the draft is deep. McPhee excels in covering his rear end……….

  • jeremiah

    from what i’ve read of this draft it is a lot of net driving hard workers. so that makes sense with the only net driving player on the caps being knubble. So he traded a pick that could be used on a player that could be a few yeaars down the road for a 4 rth line hawks player who just had shoulder surgery, and doesn’t have a contract for next year. kinda a bad deal and really goes againsth the whole built with the draft strategy

  • AjaxDesperados

    2 jeremiah
    “4 rth line hawks player” have cup ring, fifth in the NHL with 262 hits last season and have better career stats than Eric Fehr. Rofl.

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