Photos via Moscow on the Potomac

I’m a 26-year old male without a mortgage, so my only life goal right now is to save cash like a squirrel hoards nuts. And every month, I fail. Looking at my growing stash of gadgets, jerseys, and random Capitals memorabilia, my family and friends just sigh. Somewhere deep inside I know I don’t need any of this stuff. But dude, I just can’t help it.

Last week the Caps’ new official Tumblr, Capitals Overtime, furthered my spending woes with another product I don’t need but must have: Washington Capitals Matryoshka dolls. The dolls feature Ovi, Backy, Sasha Minor, Greenie and good ol’ Kanoobs, and are beautifully hand-painted by Moscow on the Potomac. They are available for $39, and you can purchase them here.

Christmas may be six months away, but it’s never too early to give the gift of gradually shrinking Caps players. Even if li’l cousin Jimmy is a Penguins fan, he can always fill the dolls with Russian dressing, hang them precariously from a net, and destroy them with pucks.

And no Varlamov. Hmm.

  • And here’s a graphic to share for those of you who want to drop a subtle hint to Mom or Dad that you want these!

  • Elyssa

    Oh I definitely want these! Too cute!

  • SashaXIX

    bought ’em 🙂

  • I need these in my life.

  • Marymargaretrice

    i think you guys are about 3 years late to the party. My mom saw the russian caps nesting dolls at the russian tea room about 3 years ago.

  • Brendan

    ….Too bad they don’t all wear CCM 😛

  • Danny R

    they sell them at every souvenier market in moscow, and a few in petersburg.  you haggle down to $20.  they also have a bunch of colleges, and a wealth of redskins ones.

  • Mary, I’ve seen Caps nesting dolls before.  But I’ve never seen them capture the Capitals’ faces so well. Especially, Ovechkin’s.  His nose/gap-toothed smile is so full of win.

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  • Sharon

    I just returned from a trip to Russia and bought a set of Caps nesting dolls for about $20 at a souvenier shop in St. Petersburg.  They are different than these with the boys in their White jerseys, and the faces look more like photographs.  Also the smallest doll in my set is Laich, not Knuble.  Fun! 

  • Pat

    I would buy anything with Ovi’s name/face on it. Seriously. 

    Is that bad?

  • Sara Bae