Capitals offensive stud Jeff Schultz may be, you know, Canadian but that didn’t stop him from participating in a “dramatic reading” of the Declaration of Independence on Monday, the Fourth of July.

RMNB reader Laura Keivel — who was nice enough to email us photos of the event — explains.

I went to the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the steps of the National Archives this morning and Jeff Schultz was one of the honorary readers. He had an issue pronouncing the word “usurpation,” but he did a nice job and was enthusiastic! I overheard a few people in the crowd say, “Isn’t that dude CANADIAN?!” He co-read with Gregory McCarthy, the Vice President for Government and Municipal Affairs for the Nationals.

Attached are a few pictures I took with my Blackberry. It was pretty random for them to have sports figures do the reading because usually it’s wounded veterans or politicians.

In addition to the Giraffe, the reading also featured similar historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Abigail Adams, who — surprise, surprise — have all signed to multi-year deals with the Florida Panthers.

If anyone else attended and has photos or video of the event, please pass it along!

  • Carlerickson4

    fyi… Jeff Schultz is a defenceman.

  • I Am The Mole

    I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm. 

  • Added italics on “offensive stud” just for you, @d16ee643b8eb0a6fa1a1c2d664b40b9c:disqus .  🙂

  • Bobby Gee

    Thanks for the italics, that’s how I got the sarcasm LOL.

  • As confused in life as he is on the ice.

  • this pleases me.

  • GMB

    I work at the Archives and the Archivist of the United States is a hockey fan, and related to Ben Ferriero who plays for San Jose. The Sharks visited the Archives when they came to play the Caps this last season. I think the Jeff Schultz visit was because his fiance is descended from one of the original signers of the Declaration.

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