Mattias Sjogren gets high-sticked, loses tooth, remains lovely and Swedish.

When asked for his thoughts on 23 year-old Swede Mattias Sjogren, Caps head coach Bruce Boudreau had little to provide Monday morning at Washington’s Development Camp.

But three hours later, and with Sjogren missing a tooth, the bench boss was impressed.

“A minute in, I’m going, ‘Are you kidding me?’” Boudreau said. “He went around the net and I think the goalie’s stick came up and knocked out a tooth and welcome to North America.”

Just a few minutes later, however, he was back on the ice, showing little ill effects.

“You know what, that’s the one thing I’ve found about the Swedish guys that we’ve had, from Nicky and Marcus, they’re really tough,” the coach continued. “Knocked out a tooth, loosened another one but he wanted to get back out there — full marks for that.”

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