Never have Dmitry Kugryshev’s eyes been photographed like this! (Photo credit: Chris Gordon)

On the second day of Caps Development Camp, Groups A and B held their separate on ice workouts ahead of the first real action of the summer, Wednesday’s scrimmage at 3 pm. The only other notable happening included new signee Joel Ward’s first in person press conference with local media. Yeah, it was that kind of day.

Below, I documented the day in photos so you can see what you might have missed!

(All photos by Chris Gordon — Click to enlarge)

Group B

Group A

  • MarcoEscondolas

    Awesome photos. It might be helpful if you guys tagged who was in each photo. Can recognize Eakin but others not so much and we can’t see jersey #

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  • Devin Shannon

    Chris, these photos rock!

  • Sara Bae

    i went to a party and didnt come home until 430am and rolled up at like 9am hungover to this final scrimmage on saturday and stood next to peter for 5 seconds until some bitchy hockey mom and her son yelled at us to move out of the way… there was no place to sit or stand and i couldnt watch the game at alll 🙁 when the helllll did hockey camp get so blown up? i remember last year it was only a total of 50 people on the saturday that it was held… gross bandwagoners everywhere… seriously… not to be a complainer but i am currently a cripple with a messed up knee and in a lot of pain, was hobbling up an down bleachers trying to find a seat and non-disabled people wouldn’t even give up the handicapped seatsssss  .. i spent the whole entire time lookign for a place to stand, sit, squat. ANYTHING!!!! shit was RIDICULOUSSS! 🙁 peter, i wish i was as tall as you so i can stand over people. it was literally where half of the people were bandwagoners withh their tiny crying screaming spawn children running all over the place wearing mini ovi jerseys 🙁 i only caught the last 10 mins of the 3rd pd which was entertaining, and at least i had a chance to check out the sexy brandon anderson while he wasn’t even playing ( sorry, no puck bunny intended, but THAT MOFO IS HAWWWTTT) 🙂 i guess next year come rolling up to kettler at 6am for hockey camp lol