Dmitry Orlov Caps Development Camp

Dima speaks with Igor after Saturday’s scrimmage (Photo credit: Chris Gordon)

At his third Capitals Development Camp last week, Russian defenseman Dmitry Orlov not only showed off a little bit of his well-known offensive side, but a hard-hitting, physical game as well, laying out a couple massive checks during the week. And though the soon-to-be 20 year-old has begun to adjust his game to the North American style of play, Orlov said getting used to the change in language and cultural will still take some time.

For now, Dima is heading back to his hometown of Novokuznetsk, where his training for next season will resume, before heading back to Washington in September. After the final scrimmage of camp on Saturday, RMNB’s Igor Kleyner was able to talk to Orlov, who dished on his new English teacher, his hopes for next season, and more.

"Boom!" (Photo credit: Chris Gordon)

Igor Kleyner – Now that the Dev. Camp is over, what are your impressions?

Dmitry Orlov – Well, this was my third camp, and I think for me it was the best of them all. I am leaving in a very good mood.

Igor Kleyner – Are you paying attention to what is being said about you in the media and on the internet? You have become quite a center of attention around here.

Dmitry Orlov – Yes. Of course I follow the news, obviously for now just the Russian sites. Of course it’s nice when they write about you. Nevertheless, I realize I have plenty more to learn and a lot of room for growth in order for me to make it here in the NHL.

Igor Kleyner – So the objective for this year is not to go back to Hershey?

Dmitry Orlov – Even if I go back to Hershey, I would really like to try myself in Washington this year and I am going to do everything I can to achieve that.

Igor Kleyner – But, honestly, what would be your personal preference — to stay here, be the team’s seventh defenseman, and probably spend most of the season in the press box, or go back to Hershey to play a lot of minutes every game, possibly on the team’s top defensive pair?

Dmitry Orlov – You know, frankly, I don’t know what is a better option for me. I can’t look into the future and tell you what would be better

Igor Kleyner – And if you are in Hershey, what are your plans for this year’s living arrangements? Are you still going to be roommates with Dima Kugryshev?

Dmitry Orlov – I am not sure. There is still plenty of time to take care of that.

Igor Kleyner – And where are you guys living right now?

Dmitry Orlov – We have been staying in the hotel right here, but we are leaving now. Our flight is at 5 o’clock, so we are leaving at 2:30.

Igor Kleyner – Have you managed to make any new friends among your potential future teammates?

Dmitry Orlov – Well, it’s a bit difficult for me to interact, I have to do it through Stas and Dima, but I do know a few good guys here who are in this camp for the second or third time like me and we have a good relationship.

Igor Kleyner – How is your English improving?

Dmitry Orlov – I am trying… (Smiles)

Igor Kleyner – So what is you favorite approach to studying English?

Dmitry Orlov – My agent gave me Rosetta Stone course, I read and listen to the disks. I also try to listen to what the guys around me say. Of course speaking is still very difficult for me, but I already understand some, even if it’s just a few words here and there. More and more when I listen to the explanations, I catch a few familiar words, and I then understand.

  • Sara Bae

    lol russian rosetta stone is how i started speaking russian and then i hit the books and classes. smart agent hes got for giving him  english rosetta stone!

  • Timbo

    Man, how damn likeable is this kid?!  I saw him at Kettler last summer and was extremely impressed [thought he was hands-down one of the best players there, behind probably only Kuznetzov]; it sounds like he’s only gotten better and stronger since. 

    I can’t wait to see him this year – hopefully at Verizon, but if not, me and the lady are taking a road trip to Hershey!  [even if she doesn’t know that yet]

  • Nicole

    This kid seems to have the best attitude – there is nothing not to like about him. Can’t  wait to have him here in Washington!

  • Yay! Ted Leonsis linked to us  in his blog. Congratulations, Igor!

  • Not surprising.

    Ted is on the Rosetta Stone  board.