Alex Ovechkin Lends His Likeness to a Canadian Candy Bar

Mr. Big Candy Bar featuring Alex Ovechkin

A Mr. Big commercial from the

Photo via Brett Leonhardt on Twitter.

Alex Ovechkin sponsors a lot of things: hockey equipment (duh), razors, fancy t-shirts, banks, shoes with wavy soles. He has even lent his likeness to ESPN for a SportsCenter spot and his vocal stylings for an Eastern Motors commercial. Now there is something else to add to the list — giant Canadian candy bars.

Friday, former Capitals’ Web producer and back-up to the back-up to the back-up goalie Brett Leonhardt tweeted a photo of the new Ovi-themed packaging for Mr. Big Deal, a spinoff of Mr. Big bar which gets its name due to the fact it is, well, pretty freakin’ big.

The wrapping features some words of encouragement to the would-be eater from Ovi, as he urges them to “Be big deal like me!” and chomp down on the vanilla wafer, peanuts, caramel, rice crisps, and, of course, chocolaty goodness.

The Great Eight isn’t the first star athlete to promote Mr. Big bars, with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal pushing the brand for a number of years.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Ovechkin’s next endorsement. Perhaps he can become a sponsor of Xenadrine like his boy Ronnie from Jersey Shore.

Update, 8/3: Via Tarik El-Bashir, here is another look at the wrapper.

Ian Oland contributed to this post.

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