A few days before the playoffs, we posted a brilliant Capitals season highlights video created by YouTube user VazorProduction. Alexandre Labbé, the man behind the account, is at it again, this time publishing a montage of Alex Ovechkin doing his thing — you know, dekeing people out of their jocks and scoring electrifying goals.

That reminds me: only 63 more days until Opening Night! October 8 can’t come soon enough!

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  • Bobby Gee

    Thanks for posting the Ovie vid Ian, it brings back lots of great memories.  I agree, October can’t come soon enough!

    Speaking of October,  if anyone is interested in seeing Ovie and the Caps practice from early last season, here’s the link to one of the videos I posted on YouTube:

  • Love the vid, but I think it lacks of CRUSHING hits. TBH, my fav Ovi goal was the cancelled one when he knocked Hal Gill…

  • Ovi is the only man who can body check a goal.

  • Ip_7729

    wahouu!!! nice vidéo!!! incredible player. This year is for Ov8!! 🙂 and Cap’s of course^^