You Can Be Alex Ovechkin’s Neighbor

Craig Brownstein of PuckBuddys writes for Russian Machine Never Breaks.

4822 16TH ST N, Arlington, VA 22205

The close-in DC suburb of Arlington is known for its quaint neighborhoods of leafy tree-lined streets and charming bungalows, the best bowls of the pho this side of Ho Chi Minh City, guys in brown flip-flops, and a Starbucks on every other corner.

While the debate continues whether or not DC is a hockey town, there’s no doubt Arlington, Virginia is. The team’s state-of-the-art practice facility is located there, and it’s also the town that many Caps players call home. Rarely a day goes by without a player sighting: Greenie zipping by on his Vespa, Sasha queued up in a McDonald’s drive-thru, or Brooksie offering roadside assistance to a stranded motorist.

And now some lucky Caps fan has the opportunity to put himself in the middle of all that action and to become neighbors to not just a Caps player, but the captain. A lovely four-bedroom, two-bath home on 16th Street, just a few doors down from Ovie’s is on the market, but you better act fast.

The well-appointed “Big Cape Charmer” sits on a quarter acre lot and was renovated in 2010. It features spacious rooms, a tricked out kitchen with granite and stainless, a nice rear deck, security system, and garage parking.

Ovie would probably make a great neighbor, quick to let you borrow a cup of sugar, a fifth of Stoli, or maybe even a Corona. The agent expects the home to go quick – contract offers are due by 5pm Tuesday, but maybe they’ll extend that window if a bidding war (real estate’s version of the free-agent scramble) develops. The asking price is $795,000, but let’s call it an even 8.

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  • Zuljin

    Isn’t OV building a new home that is more private and secure?

  • Peter Hassett

    That’s what I heard too. So you better act fast if you wanna live near him!

  • JTuck
  • HMA

    Ov is moving next to Semin, closer to Falls Churh. 

  • Sbae122

    HAHAHA i love that there is a case of corona just chillin in the yard! i’d love to live next to them but living next to them, but that doesnt mean you get to hang with them. my friends live in the same neighborhood as semin and a while back, when semin was having a party, he was really drunk one night and knocked on semin’s door and two russian girls answered and told him to go away and slammed the door HAHAHA  I am sure they get tons of creepy fans tryign to knock on their doors asking for shit and trying to hang out

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  • MPL

    Ovi doesn’t live on 16th street anymore. He has lived in Bellevue Forrest next to Semin for a good couple years now.