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Alex Semin

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It was just another quiet August morning …until Neil Greenberg totally ruined it. Finding an interview between Matt Bradley and TGOR radio in Ottawa, Neil alerted the world using the twitters.

And then, sadly, no one on the internet wrote about it.

In the interview Matt Bradley seems to characterizes the Washington locker room as having a certain nonchalance, a malaise, insouciance, and probably other French words, too. Bottom line: Bradley thinks the Caps don’t care. And one player is called out by name: Alexander Semin.

But we think Sasha cares. We know Sasha cares. How do we know?


Sasha Cares

Sasha Cares

Oh man. Good times right there. Belly laughs all around. Wakka wakka wakka. But that’s it. We don’t have any more jokes— OH CRAP HERE COMES ANOTHER!

Sasha Cares 2: Pig in the City

Sasha Cares 2: Pig in the City

Bar graphs by Ian Oland.

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  • CD

    HAHAHA! That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Great little zinger about the Rosetta Stone!  Isn’t his English fairly good and he just chooses not to speak it though?

  • ((These graphs are glorious))

  • sean

    It took being traded to a team that doesn’t coddle players for Kovalchuck to raise his game to a new level.  We won’t see the best of Semin in DC, 1 more year of this is about all I can stand.

  • sean

    It took being traded to a team that doesn’t coddle players for Kovalchuck to raise his game to a new level.  We won’t see the best of Semin in DC, 1 more year of this is about all I can stand.

  • Caps News Network

    Bravo. The good people of ArEmEnBee do it again.

  • You be the judge! (See the 1:02 mark)

  • dasd

  • DL

    I’d say Sasha care more about Olympic Gold than Stanley Cup.

    Before Bradley’s comments I expected a comeback season for Semin and I still do. Hopefully the comments motivate him.

  • For whoever didn’t get our golf cart joke, on the first day of the 2008 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Semin was caught driving around Athlete’s Village in one. Here’s a smallish pic from Sport-Express.

  • Livia

    Another funny but true RMNB blogpost! I loved the zero Sashas for the NHL Rulebook. Then again, it’s hard to care about the rules in the offensive zone when ALL you care about is getting the puck and putting it in the net.

    I don’t get the decoupage reference. Is there a famous Sasha collage out there?

  • Nicole

    Sasha and the NHL rule book is definitely my favorite.

  • Varly said in a recent interview that both Ovie and Sasha helped him with his English and translations.  I think Sasha’s English is just fine.  He is always talking to his teammates on the ice or on the bench, and that’s teammates not named Ovie and Varly.

  • Anne

    This is amazing!

  • Bianca_Brown

    You’re right.  I’ve met someone who’s spoken to him and he speaks english well.  He just doesn’t want to deal with the media.  

  • Zuljin

    Crazy Awesome Russian Disco Techno Music is missing from the bar graphs.

  • Bobby Gee

    Quoting Ovie: Ahahahahahaha!  Priceless!  Thanks for a double-barreled laugh on a very hot and hockey starved day.

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  • Thepeerless


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  • Rhino40

    …and really, who could blame him for that? If my words got twisted around by the media in a foreign country, making me an object of ridicule, I would most certainly shut the heck up and not want to talk to the media again.

    No, I suspect that in the same situation–as far as the media is concerned–I would do as Sasha did.  So would you.  So would most of us.

  • Rhino40



  • tbristow

    So help me God; I love this blog….laughing my ass off!

  • Shoquan1

    Yeah, I hope Sasha steps it up this season and the playoffs. George McPhee might assign some lines to help Sasha get more goals and play tough, thanks to his signings of Troy Brouwer, Joel Ward, and even Mattias Sjogren. Usually when he scores, we win games, so he’s like a ‘good luck’ charm to the Caps. I also hope he could get a multi-year extension following this upcoming season, but he has GOT to work HARDER. 

  • Ahahahahahahaha!  Best article ever.

    Flowbee come to Russia: Sasha care.