Video: John Carlson’s New Commercial for Force 3

Few things are as quintessentially American as government contractors — except of course for John Carlson.

Here, Captain America helps sell us on technology firm Force 3. All this is as part of a new ad campaign by the company, with other star athletes taking part. Wait, does Joey Chestnut count?

So what do you guys thing of Carlson’s acting debut, and how does it stack up to Ovi’s fantastic natural talent for the art?

S/T to a fan post on Japers’ Rink by bagace.

  • Ian Oland

    Carlson had a script? No way! That seemed so natural. 

  • Robert Thompson

    What the…?

  • greg

    He’s no Ovie, but I can imagine him getting a Best Supporting Actor nom sometime in the future. #foreverthebridesmaid

  • Dave Fry

    haha horrible, i hope they dont show this to much, he will get better with more “acting ”