Video: Alex Ovechkin’s New Mr. Big Commercial

In Ovi’s latest awesomely-bizarre commercial for Mr. Big, we learn that to be a big deal like him, you have to change bad things into good things. You know, like turning a kid’s broken skateboard into a gas-powered grand piano with grandma provocatively posing on top. Personally, I would have asked for a zamboni-tank that has a Greenman targetting system, anti-octopus shielding, and a rapid fire burrito gun. But that’s just me.

S/t to Capitals Overtime.

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  • Pattyo

    Im sure that they are, but i was wondering if these candybars were any good?

  • Eddie

    His acting potential is limitless. If we’re not careful, he’s going to give up playing hockey and go into acting full-time.

  • Thebio

    Looks like OV needs to lay off the free candy bars and do some sit-ups…

  • guest

    that kid goes to my school