By now, many of you have seen Mike Vogel’s brief English language interview with Alex Semin, which the Capitals released earlier this evening. For those of you who haven’t, here’s the video.

Semin, who avoids speaking to the press and conducts his rare interviews in Russian, responded to Matt Bradley’s comments over the summer: “I don’t worry about it. Different people have different opinions.” He also talked about being the longest-tenured Capital: “I’m getting old. I’d like to stay here 10 more years. I like to play here.”  And he even showed admiration for DC: “Washington’s my second home. We have good fans.” Awesome.

We here at RMNB are sticklers for the truth though. When the Caps promoted the interview, they said it was his first-ever English interview. Not so fast, guys!

CSN Private Skating Session at Kettler

“I like working with kids,” Semin tells the camera. “Teach them the sport.” Anyway, I see a Caps backdrop and, for a brief second, a microphone. It counts!

Nate Ewell interviews Ovechkin and Semin at Six Flags STH Event

Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin hang out at the annual STH Event at Six Flags. Beyond helping Ovi pronounce “Batmobile,” Semin tells former Caps PR Buff Nate Ewell they rode the roller coaster five times and that Varly is “not here.”

No Caps backdrop, but a Caps PR man and a Caps branded microphone. It counts again!

In all seriousness, we’re pleased to see Semin making the effort. Sure, he got lambasted over the summer by several ex-players and needed to respond in some way and show his human side, but it’s encouraging for Caps fans to see. Hopefully he’ll give this media stuff a try.

  • Peter


  • Sbae122

    LOLOL!!! awwww

  • Bianca_bosio

    I thought it was great that Semin did an interview!  I understand his trepidation in doing interviews.  My father is from another country and has been here for 40 years and still get’s embarrassed sometimes when he is playfully teased about his accent.  

  • JmfC

    I was very happy to see Sasha do this interview, but Vogel could have been more encouraging, or at least smiled back at him.  When you’re speaking a language you’re not entirely comfortable with, it’s nice to be able to visually affirm that the other person can understand you.

  • CDizz

    HOLYCRAP. He speaks.

  • Bauerfan

    Semin does not say “he’s not here” when Nate asks him where Varly is. He says in Russian “не знаю” (nye zna-yoo) which means “I don’t know”. He then repeats in English “I don’t know” realizing Nate wouldn’t understand the Russian answer.

    I’m Russian, trust me on this.

  • Sharon

    This was wonderful to see!  I think Semin did a pretty good job, and I think he needs to do more of this.  He comes across as a likeable guy.

  • For 7th grader Sasha gets A for “dictionary”, D for pronunciation and B- for grammar.

  • Bobby Gee

    I give Semin credit for stepping out of the shadows to speak what’s on his mind despite clearly seeming self-conscious about his lack of English-speaking skills.  He isn’t anywhere near as extroverted as Ovie, so it’s not surprising Semin might still be uncomfortable talking to reporters without being concerned his words could be misinterpreted.  Now that he got his feet wet so to speak, maybe he’ll feel more at ease doing more interviews in English.

  • DarkStranger

    Thank you for posting the interview with Semin.  It’s probably hard for an introvert like Semin to be interviewed in a second language.  Trying to “think on your feet” is tough for an introvert anyhow and even tougher in a “foreign” tongue.  

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