Video: Alex Semin Grilled in Interview with CSN

As the Alex Semin Promotional Tour™ continues, Comcast SportsNet aired its interview with Sasha Minor tonight and Jill Sorenson left no stone unturned in the gripping, Peabody-caliber exposé. “Are [your shoes] comfortable?” she asked. “Are you okay?” was another. And our favorite: “You gonna smile?” George McPhee even gave his two cents: “He cares.”

  • i’m kind of falling in love with this guy. these interviews are killing me. love me some #goodsasha!

  • JmfC

    It may not have been particularly exciting, but this interview was nicer than the last one.   Sorenson obviously cared about making Sasha feel at ease, and he appeared to be fairly comfortable.

  • Just in case you care :-)… -Sasha says:  “I am going to be looking at you” [presumably to Sergey] at 0:50, right after “You gonna smile?”

  • I believe my ovaries have just exploded.

  • I believe my ovaries have just exploded.

  • Is this a new tattoo? I never knew he had one.

  • Peter

    For a guy who says he doesn’t care what people say about him, he sure is doing a lot of PR lately.

  • Guest

    sasha is leaning back in his chair, hips forward, constantly covering his stomach with his hands. to make sure there’s no “sasha is fat/has a gut” comments from the interview?

  • #SashaCares

  • Mac

    No he’s had it for like a year or so. It begins with a K.

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  • ceetk

    I believe it is his niece’s name Kristina.

  • Homer4Hendy

    Adorable.  Now score some goals.