Karl Alzner and John Carlson

Photo credit: Kyle M.

After two straight years of being unable to attend, I finally had a chance to experience the Capitals Convention on Saturday. And boy, did I have a good time. Last year, one of the most memorable parts of the event was the Kids Press Conference. Alex Ovechkin, Matt Bradley, and Eric Fehr were grilled by precocious young Caps fans and the players gave some fantastic answers. They even sung Happy Birthday to a little girl in both English and Russian.

So naturally I decided to check out the Kids Conference myself this year, featuring brothers-from-another-mother Karl Alzner and John Carlson. The players answered questions like “What player do you have the most pleasure hitting?” “How do you celebrate a win?” and ‘What’s your favorite animal?”

Below, check out my somewhat not terrible footage of the event from my trusty ol’ Flip Cam.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever signed?

Not sure what’s funnier here: Alzner’s frank response or the kids problem-solving when the original questioner returns to his seat.

What’s it like being around Alex Ovechkin?


Who’s the player you’ve most enjoyed hitting?

To the joy of the crowd, the normally long-winded Alzner only needs two words to answer this question. And really, no explanation was needed.

What is your favorite animal and why?

Admittedly, this one kinda came out of left-field, but I can’t blame the kid. When I was young, I remember always wanting to know what cereal Wayne Gretzky ate. For some reason now, I’m sure it was Raisin Bran.

What are four things to keep in mind when playing hockey?

So cute.

What’s the worst fight you’ve ever been in?

I thought Carlson was going to talk about this brutal bout he had last year.

What’s your good luck charm?

Great story from Alzner, though I’m surprised he didn’t just say “this guy to the left of me.”

How do you celebrate a win?


The crowd sings Happy Birthday to Karl Alzner