Kanooblian, a Work of Art Inspired by Mike Knuble

Mark Burrier is an artist (and my friend and colleague) from Frederick, Maryland. One of his many projects is a website called Rare Words, where users submit words that become the starting point for drawings. To ring in the new season, I submitted a word to the blog. It’s a word I use a lot: kanooblian. It means As of or pertaining to Mike Knuble’s net-crashing ways.

Here’s a tiny version of the drawing:

"Kanooblian" by Mark Burrier

You’re gonna have to follow me past the jump to see the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did.

"Kanooblian" by Mark Burrier

Terrific. Check out Mark’s post for kanooblian over at Rare Words. He’s got an eBay auction going on for the original artwork as well.

Thanks, Mark! This probably goes without saying, but…


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