Winter is Coming: Opening Day is Here!

Reader Max Duchaine (of Penguins in memoriam and History will be Red fame) created this video, inspired by the Winter is Coming promotion we’ve been running for the last couple months. The video does a good job recapping the not-quite-healed wounds from May and then what happened over the summer, as well as getting us amped for tonight.

Good work, Max.

Crash the net.

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  • Bobby Gee

    The Caps were swept on APRIL 4?  Must be a redux of U2’s “Pride in the Name of Love” or else a different 2011 calendar than the one on my wall.

    No matter.  After 5 long hot months, WINTER IS HERE.  Finally!

  • Max Duchaine

    Fixing now. It must have been one of those things that you try so hard to forget that you end up leaving out minor details.

  • Max Duchaine

    There, all better 😀