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In the Capitals thrilling 4-3 overtime-victory against division rival Carolina, there were several bigs hits of note. Nicklas Backstrom rocked Jiri Tlusty’s world with a fantastic counter-hit and Alex Semin decked Hurricanes Bryan Allen at the end of regulation.

While Backstrom’s hit was totally clean (shoulder to chest), Sasha Minor’s hit was borderline dirty and 2,000 percent unnecessary. Don’t believe me? Check out the video.


Semin slashes then throws his shoulder into a defenseless Allen from behind and knocks him towards the glass head-first with no time left on the clock. “I was going to shoulder to shoulder,” Semin explained to The Washington Post. “But he was very far from the boards.” While Allen was fortunately not hurt on the play and Semin was only given a two-minute minor for boarding, the check was reckless and could end up being reviewed by NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan.

Sasha, who sometimes plays with a bit of an edge when frustrated, has actually had the NHL wag their finger at him once before. Last year during the Capitals eight-game losing streak, Semin lost his cool after being cross-checked by John Michael-Liles and took justice into his own hands.

Ouch. Semin was fined by Colin Campbell but not suspended.

Regardless of what discipline may or may not be handed down by the NHL, Semin may have already endured his fair share of retribution. During the resulting melee in the corner, one of the many necklaces he wears during games was ripped off his neck.

Semin wasn’t too happy about it either. “He broke my chain on purpose, I think,” he told Slava Malamud in a Russian interview after the game, referring to ‘Canes defenseman Tim Gleason.

At least we know one thing for sure: Sasha certainly cares about his jewelry. (Sorry, I had to.)


Screengrabs via @TFGot

Alex Semin broken necklace

Alex Semin broken necklace

Fantastic photos taken by @jlrpuck from her seats in Section 117.

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  • mellymarie17

    What happens after the Semin play?  Does anyone care about Staals elbow come up after the fact???

  • DarkStranger

    That’s the truth.  I was shocked that he ended up being the one and only person going to the box.  

  • Beartaneyhill

    Me like angry Sasha.
    Staals an over indulged cry baby.

  • Shinaain

    I wonder how come anyone would wear jewelry during a game at all – especially pieces as expensive as Semin’s are likely to be. More importantly, it seems like they would be something of a safety hazard on the ice. *shrugs* In my sport, we can’t skate with jewelry (or long nails, for that matter).

    While the delay with Semin getting the situation with his accessories sorted out was tedious, it’s still incidental to the larger issue – the boarding infraction. And I don’t believe he should be suspended and/or fined for that. It was irresponsible and inexcusable, but the his subsequent penalization (including the game misconduct) and the bad reflection on his team (I hope Boudreau ripped him a new one) should be sufficient deterrents with no further disciplinary action necessary.

  • DarkStranger

    Semin didn’t get a game misconduct — merely a 2 minute minor.  Granted, it put the Caps a man down going into OT but no misconduct.

  • Sstark

    That was not a dirty hit at all!  It’s nowhere near the guy’s head.  He just sends him into the boards with his shoulder on the Carolina guy’s shoulder and the guy got right up.  Someone on the Carolina team should also have been given a penalty given that another Carolina player boarded Semin right after Semin’s hit.

  • Shinaain

    ??! No kidding? Damn, I thought he had. I stand corrected.

  • Shoquan1

    I think maybe this will pump up Sasha for the remainder of the season. Getting his jewerly broken (a symbol of his faith) could make him angry. REALLY angry.

  • I don’t think Semin was targeting the head. But it certainly was reckless. Allen had his back to Semin the entire time as he skated away with the puck.  I think he hit him in the back and a small part of the shoulder. Not a good hit, borderline dirty especially considering the the left on the clock like I said above, IMHO.  

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  • I think he shouldnt wear necklaces during the game!