Alex Semin: “I Don’t Understand These Rules”

Alex Semin shootout

Sasha scores on Dwayne Roloson to end the shootout. (Photo credit: @jlrpuck)

Two nights after scoring the Capitals’ first goal of the season on a breakaway, Alex Semin hit the back of the net again. This time, he scored emphatically during the shootout, clinching a wild 6-5 victory for the good guys. Sasha Minor, who also managed to rifle five shots on net (only Jason Chimera had more), also nullified a Capitals’ four-on-three power play during overtime with one of those pesky, offensive-zone stick infractions. Sigh.

After the game, Slava Malamud of Sport-Express once against caught up with Semin and the talented Caps winger gave his thoughts on Tomas Vokoun’s performance, the NHL rulebook, and the Lokomotiv tragedy. RMNB’s Fedor Fedin has your translation.

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Jason Chimera in Beast Mode; Will it Last?

Photo credit: Mitchell Layton

#Chimdog. (Photo credit: Mitchell Layton)

Something just doesn’t seem right when you see Jason Chimera among the league leaders in goals scored.

Ryan Kesler's leg

Ryan Kesler's mystery leg muscle

You expect it from Ryan Kesler Phil Kessel, who has scored over 30 goals each of the last three years. He has three in the season’s first two games and a muscle on his thigh I don’t really think exists, but I digress.

(I obviously had Kesler’s dreamy, muscular thighs on the brain and meant Phil Kessel, but I’ll leave Mr. Thigh Muscle up for your enjoyment. — Neil)

You expect it from Anze Kopitar, who I felt was an instant MVP candidate the moment they acquired Mike Richards.

But when Chimera is ahead of Alex Ovechkin in goals scored, you know things are a little wacky.

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NBA Lockout Turns Wizards Fan into Caps Fan

Craig Brownstein of Puck Buddys writes for Russian Machine. You will follow @PuckBuddys, and you will like it.

The NBA lockout continues. Getting a jump on last night’s breaking news about the first two weeks of the NBA season being spiked is Chris, one of the newer faces in Capsblogistan. Chris loves the Wizards and was a fan of all the DC teams except the Caps, but when he saw David Stern’s writing on the wall, he decided to dedicate his online efforts to the the Men in Red. From the mission statement on his site, CapsBasketball:

This blog is designed for people who never really watched the Caps but are looking to start now that there may not be an NBA. We can all figure it out together!  I have decided to “force” myself to watch hockey and to become a “hardcore” Caps fan. Has anyone written a blog about something they don’t know anything about before? Thousands of times I guess. While I’m writing this I could name maybe 3-4 players on the roster. This should be interesting…

He is a proud noob and doesn’t even try to hide it. His headline for a post ahead of Saturday’s season opener: “A Kid Named Michael [sic] Neuvirth Will Start In Goal Game 1.” His recap of the Canes game was entitled: “Caps Win!  Other Team Still Rewarded,” clearly mystified on why one point is awarded for teams that lose in OT. Chris has given nicknames to some of the players; Vokoun is “Tommy V,” and that just freakin’ cute. With even weaker photoshop skills than ours, he depicts our veteran Czech netminder as a raccoon. Also cute.

We’re sure Chris will pick up the nuances of the Caps’ playing style as well as the lingo and quaint customs that have become part of our lives: Carlzner, Grab your sacks, Baby Swede, Will be sick!!! hahahah))), Fancystats, Haagen Daaz, Sasha Minor, The Front Page, and some guy named Sir Ryan.

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Vokoun shuts the door in the shootout. (Photo credit: Mitchell Layton)

Ballgame. (Photo credit: Greg Fiume)

This certainly wasn’t what Tomas Vokoun had in mind for his first game as a Washington Capital. Five goals. Bronx cheers. And, surprisingly, a win.

“It just shows how strong this team is,” Vokoun told reporters after Monday’s 6-5 shootout victory. “They literally won today without goaltending. So what can I say? … It was just ugly, ugly, ugly game for me.”

“It’s the first game, obviously you want to leave a good impression for the fans and everything,” he continued. “Couldn’t tell you the last time I remember having as bad a game as I did tonight. But we won the game, certainly not thanks to me. The team play great. I think it shows a lot of character, guys battle, came back four times. I’m going to make a promise I’m going to get them back sometime when they’re going to need me.”

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