Alex Semin: “I Don’t Understand These Rules”

Alex Semin shootout

Sasha scores on Dwayne Roloson to end the shootout. (Photo credit: @jlrpuck)

Two nights after scoring the Capitals’ first goal of the season on a breakaway, Alex Semin hit the back of the net again. This time, he scored emphatically during the shootout, clinching a wild 6-5 victory for the good guys. Sasha Minor, who also managed to rifle five shots on net (only Jason Chimera had more), also nullified a Capitals’ four-on-three power play during overtime with one of those pesky, offensive-zone stick infractions. Sigh.

After the game, Slava Malamud of Sport-Express once against caught up with Semin and the talented Caps winger gave his thoughts on Tomas Vokoun’s performance, the NHL rulebook, and the Lokomotiv tragedy. RMNB’s Fedor Fedin has your translation.

Alex Semin: The main thing is that the team won. We were good in some things, but there were moments…

Slava Malamud: But the game was a bit strange.

Alex Semin: Yes, there were strange goals.

Slava Malamud: Maybe Vokoun was a bit too nervous?

Alex Semin: Maybe. You’ve seen the goals. Four goals from behind the net – it’s odd. It doesn’t happen. But he saved us in overtime and that’s the key. Yeah, we had goals like those but at the most important moment everything was OK.

Slava Malamud: Your penalty in overtime – was there a need to hook the guy?

Alex Semin: Did I hook him or not? I didn’t notice it. I just know I lifted the stick.

Slava Malamud: You got his hand a little bit. They always call that now.

Alex Semin: Yes, they turned it into ballet…

Slava Malamud: If you didn’t hook him he’d have a breakaway.

Alex Semin: And that’s why… And I still tried to play the puck. Well, if you get hit in the back near the boards – it’s OK, but if you lift the stick that’s two minutes. I don’t understand these rules.

Slava Malamud: Your game-winning shootout attempt was similar to your goal against Carolina.

Alex Semin: I showed a shot, he went down and it seemed like he tried to pokecheck me. If the goalie does that and I move the puck away from him, there’s an empty net. I was lucky that I was able to do it. At first, it seemed like I was running out of time a bit.

Slava Malamud: You were unable to do anything against Tampa and Roloson in the playoffs, but then – five goals here!

Alex Semin: We just went out there and played our game. Our goal is to win, nobody cares how. I don’t even want to recall what happened in the playoffs.

Slava Malamud: Were you angry when your team mates did nothing good with your passes?

Alex Semin: Why should I be, it’s only the second game. There is a long season ahead. It will work out.

Photo credit: @clydeorama

Slava Malamud: You seemed to have smiled today after scoring the goal.

Alex Semin: I fell. Painfully. On my butt. Maybe because I was tired, maybe because I was happy.

Slava Malamud: Your next game in Pittsburgh will be devoted to Lokomotiv.

Alex Semin: Yeah, I know. We are wearing special bracelettes (shows red bracelette with the “Washington Capitals – Love for Loko”). I think it’s a very good decision by the NHL to hold such a game. You can’t stay away from that. To be honest, I’m still shocked. There were guys I played and grew up in Chelyabinsk with. It’s a big loss for all of us. But right now I don’t want to talk about it. It’s tough.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

  • It was a bad call no doubt.   Semin was just playing his game; if the refs are going to be like this he might be better off in the KHL next year.  Not that I want that.

  • Hockey Fan

    It seems to have been a make up call but Semin did the right thing.  These things happen.  It’s been happening to him for years now, no reason to go to the KHL over it!  He played really well and got the SO game winner with a wicked shot!  He will be fine.

  • DarkStranger

    I doubt that the KHL officials are any better than the NHL officials so that would probably not solve problems of consistency or interpretation.

  • tiagotricolorcardoso

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  • It doesn’t matter if he understands the rules, it’s no excuse for him to break them; he knows what is a penalty and what isn’t. I love Sasha Minor, but I get sick of seeing his late game penalties. He’s 2-for-2 so far. I don’t mind if he does it to keep out a potential scoring chance, but he needs to be more discriminate.

  • JK

    I’ll take that hook 100 times out of 100 if it saves a breakaway late in a game.

  • Agreed, now we just need a way to tell whether or not they’re going to score on said breakaway.


    Assume they will.

  • Wow, I’m all of the sudden more OK with Semin taking late game penalties. Thanks RMNB!!!

  • Quinn

    lol and if he hadn’t done shit and whatshisface did score on the breakway, fans like you would be foaming at the mouth yelling at your TV’s because he didn’t make the hook.



    There is no winning for this guy, is there? 

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  • Abi

    He is adorable. God I can’t get enough of Sasha Semin