High and Mighty, Caps beat Wings 7-1! Undefeated!

Photo credit: Ann Heisenfelt

Look how happy those white people are! (Photo credit: Ann Heisenfelt)

The final two undefeated teams in the NHL, the Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings, met in Chinatown– each with the intention of removing that title from the other. All eyes were on this game. And it was a good one.

On the power play, Nick Backstrom found Mike Green, who scored with surgical precision from the high slot. Just 61 seconds later, Mike Knuble’s takeaway led to a short-side goal by Marcus Johansson. Back to Mike Green, who turned Ovechkin’s lateral pass into his second powerplay goal of the night. Niklas Kronwall unleashed a monster one-timer during a two-man advantage to put Detroit on the board. Mathieu Perreault ended the second period by cleaning up Matt Hendricks’ rebound. Brooks Laich stole the puck and set up Joel Ward to make it 5-1. Perreault showed up again with a clever wrister up front to make the score just plain ridiculous. The Wings didn’t even try to stop Nick Backstrom, who made it a touchdown. Caps beat Red Wings 7-1.

  • The Capitals are now 7-0-0. They’re the only remaining undefeated team in the NHL. This is their hottest season start in franchise history. The beer flows like wine.
  • Joel Ward scored the Caps’ fifth goal. That means all the Red Wings fans in attendance get to enjoy free Wings from Glory Days to commemorate the loss. From what we hear, the contingent from Hockeytown was in full effect at Verizon Center– competing with the “Let’s Go Caps!” cheers and applauding their team’s lonely, solitary goal. We’re still building America’s hockey capital here, so we’ll be gracious about the invasion until our dominance is secured. Please pity the next person you see wearing the winged wheel.

  • After his first goal, Mike Green caught a puck in the face. He promptly headed into the locker room and returned after the intermission. Recall that it was a puck-face collaboration that led to Greenie’s concussion last season, and be glad he returned. A couple stitches is a small price to pay for 2 goals and 2 assists. This was Mike’s 12th career 2-goal game. Serious breakout.
  • Detroit’s cumulative goals against count was 7 before tonight. You can double that now.
  • This happened after Green’s first goal. They’ve hit thirty banks in three years, up and down the coast, following good waves:
  • The secondary assist on Mike Green’s second goal gives Dennis Wideman a point in every game this season (and every game since he returned from his gross leg injury). According to the Caps game notes, that 7-game streak ties his career best.
  • The triumphant return of the Alex Semin offensive-zone stick penalty! It’s been too long, brah. Good to see you again. Keg’s in the back.
  • The second period was a disaster. Four Capitals penalties created two five-on-three opportunities for Detroit. The penalty killers deserve cake and presents for their effort, allowing only one goal through the whole ordeal. Meanwhile, Alex Ovechkin took a catnap on the bench.
  • Mathieu Perreault‘s big problem last season was maintaining his intensity from game to game. Three goals in five games will do the trick. As Craig Laughlin put it, Matty’s second period goal broke the back of the Red Wings. His third period goal made it just plain ludicrous.
  • And Marcus Johansson has four goals in six games. Between him and Perry, your dark horse fantasy picks produced some fireworks tonight, eh?
  • The depth is remarkable. No one on the Caps put up more than three shots on goal. Saturday saw five goal scorers. More players had assists than did not. Just phenomenal.
  • Tomas Vokoun will probably play around 55 games for the Caps this season. He’s been awesome in all of them so far, and he’s gonna be awesome in the rest. He’s an awesome goalie. Do we have to write something new about it every time? If we start copying and pasting last game’s bullets and just replace the stats, would you even notice? Vokoun’s reliability in net is astonishing and new. 32 saves for the Caps #1 goalie.

Joe B suit of the night: note the pink tie for Hockey Fights Cancer

The Washington Capitals are the #1 team in the National Hockey League. They just beat the #2 team. They’ve started the season as hot as any team has in the last few years.  They’re going to be #1 on every power ranking you see next week. They’ve got a record-breaking streak brewing. They’ve got offensive depth and creativity that we haven’t seen since 2009-2010. They’ve also got a huge target on their back.

Remember tonight.

Now the Caps have four days off. Then the Caps will be heading out of town for a jaunt through the Canadian wilderness. Let’s hope they’re still the same team after the break.

Have a great Saturday night, everyone. See you on Thursday.

  • And here’s my question (too lazy to look it up :D), does Matty P qualify for Calder?

  • I keep thinking of those “flyers go 82-0” commercials from last year.

  • Tiago Cardoso

    A promising result!

    4 great victories against top contenders!

    4 wins for the record!

    4 points for Mike Green!

    NHL 2010-2011 Final League Standings

    5th Washington Capitas


    4th Tampa Bay Lightning – 6 X 5 (SO) @ home
    9th Pittsburgh Penguins – 3 X 2 (OT)
    6th Philadelphia Flyers – 5 X 2
    7th Detroit Red Wings – 7 X 1 @ home

  • Peter

    Don’t! You’ll jinx it!

  • Sanscar


  • Peter

    Haha. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • can you imagine Alzner with beard worthy of 82-0?

  • “I’m awesome. I know it.”

  • Captain Morgan, err, Mike Green, looked like a beast. This team is unbelievable right now.

  • Rocky

    great post on a great game, Pete!

  • Judy

    that’s exactly what i was thinking of!

  • Peter

    Thanks, Rock!

  • yeah, so do I.  I’ll disagree slightly that Voky has been good in *every* game, as that Tampa game was a mess.

    Only four mild disappointments:

    1) It wasn’t a shutout.
    2) There were too many Detroit fans there, as the cheering was pretty loud on that one goal.
    3) Second period penalties.
    4) They couldn’t find a way for Greenie or Matty P to get a hattie.

  • Cblovett

    Very nice recap Peter! Must feel good to do them when the team is so hot.  What I see right now with these guys is four really dangerous lines, an elite goalie and a solid D corps. No weaknesses at the moment. Ovi will do some real damage this season because teams will have to start paying a lot of attention to our second and third lines.  I’m so happy for Matty P. Looks like he’s found his niche. 

  • Nope, pretty sure he doesn’t.

  • It was okay. Just okay.

  • Eduktor42

    I can’t explain why…but those three guys in the Perz masks were just what we needed.  I initially was mocking the three young corporate types that I saw waking down to their company’s seats…then I looked over and saw…Ronald Reagan texting…Bill Clinton high five-ing…and Tricky Dick still proclaing the he is not a crook.  They were electric…dancing and playing up to the crowd after every goal.  They got to celebrate A LOT!  At the end of the game I wanted to thank them for the entertainment…but alas…they were swarmed with photo requests!  Great game…and as always…great recap!  Thanks Prezs…and yeah…you too Peter!

  • Whiskey

    stop hating! Voky had a rough game against Tampa, yes, but he pulled through!  He’s a beast and a W is a W.  Detroit is always going to have fans.  Their city is a shithole, so they have sports to cheer for. 
    Second period penalties let the defense get some practice (and boy did they pull through), and fuck the hattie, the Caps have depth.  I’d rather see the whole roster get a point then Ovechkin score every game! 

    No hattin necessary Danielle

  • Peter

    I’m okay with “okay” as long as it’s fast and fun.

  • Peter

    I don’t think it’s for to expect a shutout or complain when you don’t get one, especially when the other team puts up 30+ shots.

    On point 2, I think we’ll see exclusivity grow at VC over the next few years. But yeah, we still get invaded. When I first got into the team, it was Philly fans that outnumbered the locals. It’ll go down over time.

    On point 3, I agree. Although I can’t see how Hamrlik could’ve played his spot differently.

    On point 4, hatties make the world go round, but they must be rare to be valuable. Those guys didn’t even shoot like they were going for the hat trick. It’ll happen this season, I’m sure. 

  • Malkin

    will you guys ever, EVER, win when it counts??

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  • Will you Pens fan ever, EVER, shut up when the Caps win?

  • Isabella

    Crappy Michigan economy has resulted in lots of Michiganders transplanted to the DC area
    University of Michigan made last night’s game an alumni event
    = too many opposing fans
    But given the outcome, we can be gracious:)

  • Samuel Miller

    Will you guys ever, EVER, win a significant game without Malkin and Crosby in the lineup?

  • Malkin

    Aww you SO got me with that one!

    Doesn’t say much about your coaching, team, management, etc that we still win without the 2 best players in the league.

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  • I’m not hating,

  • I’m not hating,

  • But not against us, baby. 

    And remember, it was Victor Hedman, not David Steckel, who put out Crosby’s lights.

  • Dnawahnish

    The Ex-Presidents = This season’s Capstronaut  (what became of that guy anyway?)

  • David

    Go back to Pensblog, Yinzer. 

    Don’t go away mad…just go away.

  • Katzistan

    The correct answer to this is, “nope, that’s why we gotta enjoy these wins.” Thanks for stopping by!

  • davidb22307

    Headline from Detroit Blog: Wings Celebrate Lidstrom’s 1500th Game with 1 Goal Against for Each of his Norris Trophies.

  • Samuel Miller

    Win what?  You had Malkin and you still lost against us?

    That’s what I don’t really understand about Pens fans, I wouldn’t go out of my way to post an Anti-Anyteam post on another team’s pretty niche blog, even as trolling.  It’s kind of a sad waste of time.

    But thank you for the page views!  I’m sure RMNB appreciates it! 😀

  • The beer flows like wine = brilliant.

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  • callyourbluff

    Pens fans always pat themselves on the back whenever they win a game without their star players but turn around and blame their losses on the same thing. Illogical.