Happy Halloween from RMNB and Our Readers


Sheepvechkin! (Illustration by Rachel Cohen)

Today is Halloween, which for me means less than one month until my birthday! Yay! Oh wait — I mean, dressing up, eating candy, and looking like a tool. To celebrate the holiday right, we figured we’d do a Halloween-themed post.

I’ll be honest: when I heard Chris Gordon‘s demand to solicit Caps-themed jack-o-lanterns, I thought we’d get maybe four images and this post would be a total disaster. Three days and 50 emails later, holy lord did you guys come through in a BIG way. (I guess that’s why he contributes to the New York Times, and I don’t.)

We’ve got Caps logos, we’ve got Ovi heads, and we’ve got 10 million Weagle-carved pumpkins. Follow me past the jump to check out the gallery.

Oh yeah. Homeowners, please remember: the more Mr. Big bars you give out to the kids tonight, the more goals Ovechkin will score on Tuesday. So don’t be stingy. And kids, show no restraint in eating your candy when you get home. Sugar is good for you, no matter what your parents say. Eat it all in one night. Dive into those Kit-Kats and Milky Ways like Alex Ovechkin dives into the boards after scoaring. Type II diabetes be damned.

The Creatively Carved Pumpkins

Justine K.’s Mike Green Painted and Carved Pumpkin

Katie W.’s Caps Pumpkins

Katie’s explanation of her submission cracked me up: “Go Caps!! … and Freddie Mercury. Freddie loves the Caps too.” Sure. Why not?

Chris Gardner’s RMNB-inspired Pumpkins

That last design is by @nazarcruce. Awesome!

Caps Painted Pumpkins by Josie G. (@jgoggs23)

Here’s Josie’s explanation on why she didn’t actually carve anything. “I only had a chance to paint… I KNOW it is nothing like that really cool RMNBesque jack o lantern of Ovi’s face, but I tried!” It’s like the hard hat the Caps give out after every game. Totally works!

Libby D.’s Caps-Carved Pumpkins Featuring a Special Guest

Creative and awesome because… Look at the cat! Also she totally sucked up in her email: “First off, let me just say that you are hands-down my favorite Caps blog. That’s not just ego-stroking so you’ll view my pumpkins more favorably (okay fine, maybe 80/20), I really enjoy reading your stuff – always so entertaining! The picture even includes a seasonally-appropriate orange kitty.” Thanks, Libby.

Chris C.’s Stanley Cup Pumpkin

To everyone in Chris’s neighborhood, please make sure to stay at least an arm’s length away from this thing!

Joey W. Gives Us Caveman Backstrom

The Ovechkin-Inspired Pumpkins

Linnea W.’s Angry Ovi Face

I literally almost fell out of my chair when I first saw this. Incredible work, Linnea!

Daniel C.’s beautiful Ovi Head

So good, I thought this was photoshopped at first.

Alli K.’s Tribute to our Website Header

In my heart of hearts, this is the grand-prize winner if we were to call this a contest. Which we’re totally not. But man, look at that detail. Thanks, Alli!

Jenna M.’s Half-Cut off Ovi Head

so sick hahaha))))

Justine K.’s Great 8 Pumpkin

The Caps Logo Pumpkins

Via Julie R. (@H8Crosby)

Via Morgan C.

Via Jamie N.

Via Cecilia V.

Via LuAyne B.

Via an Anonymous reader

Weagles, Weagles, and MORE Weagles

Behold! Neil Greenberg‘s first ever carved pumpkin.

We also assume Nicci U. had the primary assist here. Great job, guys.

Via Vivian F.

We loved the note she sent us: “Hey guys! Love the blog. I’m a student at McGill University – smack dab in the middle of Habs (ew) territory. Carved this one and set it right outside of my residence for all of Montreal to see. Let’s go Caps!” Awesome.

Via Wendi O.

Via Monte F.

Great photo!

Via Jackie Q.

Jackie tells us that she carved this with her girls. Great jorb.

Via Elana L.

Via Amsi H.

Amsi told us in her email, “I’m not too happy with it, but it’s my first pumpkin carving ever.” This is way better than anything I’ve carved in ten-plus years of trying. And I’m technically an artist. Great job!

Via Chad S.

Via Rebecca S.

Via Cecilia V.

Via Joshua G.

The Capitol dome’s a nice touch!

Via Laura S.

Haha. It looks like the pumpkin has newspaper shoes! I’m immature. Thanks, Laura. Ignore me.

Via Emily J.

Via Michelle P.

Via Allison C.

Via Scott M.

Via Scott W.

Via Brad P. (@StopTheHats)

Via Brendon D.

Via an Anonymous reader

And we can’t forget Hershey. Here’s SHOE‘s own Brian Mills and his Bears-0-lantern.

Which ones did you like the best? Let us know in the comments, and thanks to everyone who shared your pumpkins.

  • Jay Miguel

    Hey Caps fans! $10 for $20 at The Front page! Great for their Caps Away Games Viewing Parties!


  • mj90ncaps

    Ovi inspired Pumpkin. Missing tooth included.

  • Nicci

    GameOverGreen most detinitely!

  • Those are all pretty awesome!  I think the Hendy’s Henchmen one needs to be developed into a shirt…I mean, I’d buy one 😉

  • DarkStranger

    I love Rachel’s drawing of the Ovi-sheep.  So appropriate for the player whose surname means “little lamb”.

  • Lrhflute

    So, these are pretty freaking awesome!!  Some people should go into professional pumpkin carving. 😉 

    But my comment is for you guys at RMNB….you did know that the Capitol has been in the logo since the new logo came out, right?  I’m just making sure. 🙂 

    Keep up the awesome work….I’m so glad I accidentally found this site!!  You guys are amazing. 😀

  • Thanks for the nice words, @f437fd7460535240007357faaf3687e4:disqus !

    Yes, I do in fact know that the Capitol Dome is subtly included in the Weagle subtractively. I think that’s the right terminology! Haha. In the comment after Josh’s pumpkin, I think I was just amazed someone actually cut out the dome and did the Weagle a little bit differently.   When you’re going through like 40 pictures of the same thing at like 2am, that kinda thing becomes interesting.

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Glad you “accidentally” found us!!