Erskine and Semin congratulate the ginger after his milestone goal. (Photo credit: Gregg Forwerck)

Here's video of Eakin's milestone marker made possible by a sweet Alex Semin cross-ice pass.

When I was twenty, I was a college senior. A few months from getting my Visual Arts degree from UMBC, I had a 1998 Toyota Camry, and I got paid $7.50 an hour to work for the school’s newspaper.

At twenty-years-old Cody Eakin is in the NHL. He plays on the league’s best team. With his entry-level contract, he makes almost $1 million a year. And tonight, November 4th, 2011, he notched his first NHL point and his first NHL goal against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Someone should knock him down a peg.

Alex Ovechkin, immediately after tonight’s 5-1 victory, did exactly that.

As Eakin was finishing his final remarks with the media, the Capitals captain found an opening and caught the young rookie in the face with a blue shaving cream pie. Awesome.

But hey, that’s okay. Maybe Eakin will have a chance to retaliate 14 games from now… when Ovechkin plays his 500th NHL game. Because we all know Ovi can dish it, but can’t take it.

Photos of Eakin Getting Pie’d In The Face

Photos via Capitals Overtime.