New Jersey Devils: a Week from Hell, a Team from Jersey

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

Editor’s Note: Doug Johnson of PuckBuddys writes for RMNB. There’s this new thing called Twitter; look into it.

The Pre Game: Some weeks…  they exist to test our mettle. Or remind us of what’s truly important. This has been one of those weeks.

Joe Frazier

First came news of the passing of Smokin’ Joe Frazier. A brawler of the first order and a retired sports ambassador of highest rank, we were jolted first thing Monday to learn of his death at just 67. “Respect and admiration,” is how Muhammad Ali remembers him. We join our fellow Michigander in his descant.

We just wish it were with that kind of dignity and accolade that Joe Paterno could’ve retired, but this week wouldn’t have it. Sucked into the vortex of a repugnant scandal swirling around him or partly of his making (everyone else is judging so we leave it up to you), JoePa has coached his last Big Ten game, just one week after achieving what must have been a long-held goal – most wins of any Division I coach, ever. He has coached at Penn State as long as I’ve drawn breath. The alleged horrors of Coach Sandusky and the criminal process will stand on their own. The lingering acrid smell of individuals with their eye on something other than the children’s and players’ well-being hangs foul over Happy Valley.

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Sunday: Maryland vs Navy Charity Game for USA Warriors

What are you doing on Sunday? Ain’t no Caps game, so you have no excuse not to get down to The Gardens Ice House in Laurel for an epic match-up for a good cause.

University of Maryland Hockey will face off with its in-state rival, the Naval Academy, for a charity game to raise money for the USA Warriors. There is no charge at the door, so spectators are asked to make a donation to the Warriors. Here’s the Facebook event page.

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Video: Alex Semin Wants a Wax Figure Too!

Alex Semin

Ninteenth century author Charles Caleb Colton once wrote that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Before writing that, the guy must have hopped in his red-painted time machine and traveled to DC to watch Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin hang out together. Why? Because the Sashas — a sterling example of “brothers from another mother” — have so much in common. Same nationality, same first name, same DVD box set of Gilmore Girls in their living rooms. Same hats, same holey jeans, matching friendship bracelets (one suspects).

So when Ovi recently was presented with his own wax figure at Madame Taussaud’s, Sasha Minor was understandably a little bit jealous. Let’s go to the videotape!

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